11 August 2010

two times hornier

Do bisexuals have two sex drives? My laptop has two hard drives, my car has two 'D' drives from which to choose from, so do bi guys and gals have them as well? I was chatting with Mr.V on one of our famous Starbucks chats that I love so much and I was telling him about the current drama that's going on in my life. We got to the conversation when we were just kinda summing up everything in order to stop talking about it, (bc you can only say so much) but he ended up saying that I (quote unquote) have two sex drives.

Huh? I agreed and then I thought about it. Does that make sense? I think that it does, but I dunno what do you think? In terms of a threshold I don't know. I find that I'm constantly horny or at least wanting to get it on. Bex tells me that it's because I'm a guy, so I tell myself that it must be it. I was astonished to read that I technically was still a virgin (to boys) and lost only one of the two virginities... so now this! :)

Sunday I hung out with Mr.V at Starbucks. I always love doing that, but I think that next time (when we're both not broke) we should get lunch somewhere. I could go for a really good burger and fries or something. Saturday I spent the night watching movies with Bex on our brand new couch. I loved watching 'Date Night' and 'Pandorum' with her and it reminded me of the many nights we spent, just the two of us... watching movies. Friday Bex and I went to go see Patton Oswalt (The comedian) and then had a night cap at a local bar that we both like. (I know I went backwards from Sunday to Friday) I'm very tired as I just got off a 12 hour shift and need to go to sleep right away! :)

I'm postponing finding a therapist. I am trying to help myself out as much as possible and start appreciating things as they are, not as I wish them to be. I do take Bex's love and affection for granted, as well as my health and current situation. I know that I'm not in a bad place right now, so I'm working hard to try to enjoy life, because after all, life is too short. I may or may not ever get to have sex with a hot young stud and I think that I'm coming to terms with that. The want to experience it, the appreciation for the male form and my fantasies will always be there, but I choose love and I choose Bex and I think that life has good things in store for me. (Whether or not a man is in my future.) We will see and I think that only time will tell :D

Ok, I'm rambling. Time to get some shut eye!


  1. Sometimes I feel like I do have two sex drives. Drives me nuts.

    Aren from TNB
    (Sorry for the bipolar'ness in comments)

  2. I completely have two sex drives.... And they never operate at the same speed or level of desire and it drives me INSANE!!!!!