06 September 2010

bend over bobby

Good evening or morning wherever you are! Hello there. I'm not quite sure how to approach this subject but I guess I'll dive right into it. I've been thinking lately about letting Bex take me in the bedroom. Bi take me, I mean... probably don a strap on and let her have at me. I've been feeling very lusty lately and since there are no men in my future, I have to be realistic and make do with my current situation. I always figured that eventually I would have some fun 'back there' but that it would be in the hands of a guy... and his cock.

I've never liked the thought of Bex sticking it to the man so to speak. (I'm blushing right now and as you can tell, apparently I like to use euphemisms when I get nervous.) She is a very dominant person socially and in our relationship (a healthy dominance) and I find that I am for the most part... submissive. I throughly enjoy being the dominant one when we're having sex, as a matter of fact, it's probably the only time when I get to be dominant, because to have vanilla sex... she has to kind of submit to me. :D (that made me smile just then)

I've had many reservations in the past about this whole thing, but its something that I can take care of with a 'douche' and a shower... oh and then there's the whole giving up control thing. I'm sure she'd get a kick out of it to say the least. I bought this toy and have used it once in a while but I find it to be boring. (probably why I haven't named him.) I'm still not sure if I even want to try and see if anything will happen. I dunno.

Bex was telling me that she was telling her coworkers more about me and our relationship. She was sharing with me (and I totally agree) that most people are intrigued about our relationship. I get that reaction as well from my friends and coworkers. (Most people don't know that I'm bi, btw.) So, that's def not a factor. I think it's the way we interact with each other and the things that we do together. Adding a strap-on into the mix... well...


  1. I think that sounds like fun.
    Maybe she will enjoy it. I enjoyed doing it the few times I had the pleasure to make HIM mine.

  2. You need to try something bigger than that toy you got.

  3. I have a hard enough time getting that toy to go in :) I dunno about bigger ;) Atleast not for right now. Maybe later I'll upgrade to the 8" one. If only I could upgrade to the one with the hot stud attached to it :( lol

  4. Well, Bobby, that just means you need to practice more. LOL. Try a thinner but longer one next before you go for more girth to help you ease to the next level. And remember to use lots of good lube.