13 September 2010

the crazies

I need to get a six pack and lose the gut
Hey :D how are you? It's been a bit. Today is the first day to my impromptu vacation. I had time to take and work was getting stressing so I decided it would be nice to take some time for myself. Summer is ending as well and I think that this will be a nice 'enjoy summer before it ends' holiday. I'm spending today shopping with my girl and enjoying the beautiful sun.

I have plans to meet up with Mr.V possibly during this whole thing. I hope we can and that we do something fun (like get drunk together!) (Yes I know... I know I gave up drinking... but I'll make an exception.) There are some friends as well who I have not seen in five years and they want to meet up with me at a local bar for drinks.

Photos from last time we shopped
So I'm posing a question because I'm curious. I have stated many times that my gaydar is really bad. While hanging out with Mr.V, he can point out gay guys left and right as if he had a tracking beam. I wouldn't doubt that he is right 90% of the time. At work there is some 'fresh meat' (people I've never seen before) and I always try to analyze the people I work with. Any who, some of the guys are interesting looking to say the least and I'm not sure if my gaydar is getting confused with me thinking that they are cute. I think I do that often.

I hope I don't blow my load- of cash at the clothing stores but who knows! New season, new excuse to buy clothing. OH SHIT! I almost forgot to tell you some juicy stories. Bex went out with some of her guy friends from work and got hammered! She kicked back with the boys, played pool, took shots and swapped sex stories. She got loose lipped and it slipped out that she's buying a crop whip to teach me a lesson in the bedroom. (Lol, now all my guy friends know I like it rough.) She also drunk talked me up when talking about our bedroom activities and the boys just ate it up (interestingly enough). I wasn't there to receive the looks of surprise and intrigue (I was at work) but it was nice to see Bex FINALLY cut loose.

It looks like things are moving and grooving and I like it. :D I hope to shake my ass off at Scandals before the week is over, but I wont hold my breath. TTYL guys, I got some shopping to do.


  1. You were supposed to come to Australia!

  2. I couldn't get a flight? Lol, I'm lying... I'm to broke to fly to Australia this week. Maybe next week... ;)