15 September 2010

Grocery store adonis

Bex and I went on a shopping spree on Monday at the mall and local shops. On the list of goodies that we got, we ended up buying me a cute pair of Levi 511 cords and Bex bought a crop whip. I had been on the fence about whether or not I wanted her to buy it, but she strode into the store with confidence and never asked for permission. Oh my ;) Shopping is a high for me, and well for Bex too.

While we were finishing the day and getting our groceries for the week, Bex and I had a moment at the store. Well to say Bex and I, I would be lying... I had a moment that Bex witnessed. Through one of the isles I saw a guy early 20 something whom I had seen the week before at the same store. Along with him was (I assume) his boyfriend. Omg!! He was 6 feet tall, golden tan, 20 something Adonis. He literally looked like a young powerful and hunky Brad Pitt. I pointed him out and Bex (whom has very good facial recognition skills) said that she saw the similarities. Those of you who have read my blog know that I LOVE Brad Pitt! Omg and I was soo tempted to pick up an assault charge just to squeeze his butt. By far the hottest guy I've seen in real life to date.

Bex and I
Bex and I went to a new bar in the downtown area to meet up with some of my old high school friends. Unfortunately the experience was a little awkward and boring (not because of either Bex and I, trust me) but I got a surprise blow job in the parking lot. (Just kidding about the bj, hoping you're still paying attention.) I went to the restroom and passed a really pretty girl. I didn't notice how gorgeous this girl was at first, but Bex certainly did. I was astonished to see how fixated Bex became on this girl who was about 5'10", thin and was wearing a brown tee shirt, neon green suspender and tight jeans. I'm not sure but from the way that she was talking, I'm pretty sure Bex got a little horny for this cutesy girl. I didn't get to see her as well as I had wanted, but she sure did have nice tits.

After the weird experience at the bar, Bex and I went to a restaurant and came up with a conclusion about us. I'm not sure how much truth there is to it, but I think that I'm close in saying that: Bex and I are the most interesting couple amongst our circle of friends. Evident by Bex's last drunken night out where she revealed a lot of what goes on between us... in the bedroom. Most of her guy friends were/are astounded by our sex life. We're always saying or talking about things that make others blush so... ;)

I've been thinking about Dude from Dude tells... Where did he go? I think I may have to re-read some of his blog posts because I miss his steamy stories. As a matter of fact, I'll prob go right now and read some of them. ;) I'll ttyl guys.

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