25 September 2010

Jared from work

Hi everyone. Finally getting a minute to jot down my thoughts! Working nonstop has me feeling like I ended up strutting my stuff on the wrong side of town. Oh jeez. As I wrote earlier, there is a new guy at work that I have deemed eye candy and now I have something to look forward to at work. He's 5'3 maybe, he is shorter than me and is my type to a T. He's skinny, brunette, has short hair that is just pushed forward and a tiny scruffy little beard. Oh and he's kinda country bumpkinish, but I can look past that. He's little man cute which as you know from how much I talk about Mr.V... I like. I don't know if my eyes direct attention to me, but I've noticed that he notices me as much as I notice him. Maybe it's all the staring. He looks like this, just shorter, cuter and dressed in a Nascar shirt. (Ok that nascar part sounded gross... but clothes can be removed.)

Actually I'm learning to control my behavior around people that I find attractive. I'm not staring any more or as long or as creepy as I used to. Now it's more just checking someone out and keeping my excitement to myself. I've also stopped pointing out people that I think are hot to Bex when we are out. It's a good thing because I'm not a 13 year old anymore. I'll just drool in private... oh and on this blog.

So yeah, I don't know if I have a type because I tend to think everyone is fuckable, but this guy fits the bill. There's something that I find attractive about guys who are kind of boyish. Again, I don't know if this guy is in the closet or is just reacting weirdly to my noticing him. I've still not learned how to tell from body language. I'm sure Mr.V could tell in an instant... or so he claims.

That was my rant about that... and now I'm off to the grind again.


  1. Bobby -- he looks cuter than your lookalike stand in? Cuter! How could he be even more cuter? This guy is already adorable! And I don't see any country bumpkin at all in him. Make a move if he gives you a go-ahead signal.

  2. I think he looks cuter. :) Oh and there's no country bumpkin in that picture. Oh I doubt that he'll give any go ahead symbol, I imagine guys like him avoid all things gay and then jerk off to internet porn... when they're alone. Oh and yeah, moves... ha... I'll do some safe staring.