04 September 2010

nights out, nights in

Hi everyone! I'm having an excellent night! My world is very balanced and I am enjoying the moment for the time being. Todays weather was unbelievably beautiful. It was sunny all day today and there was a nice chill in the air. The windows to my apartment are open, the sun is going down and the breeze is making me melt into my sofa with pure delight. (That was a weird sentence... but I feel splendid!) Mr. V and my little brother both tweeted about the beautiful weather, so I know for sure that I'm not the only one appreciating it.

Mr.V snapping pictures
I got to spend the night out with Mr. V! Originally we had planned to meet up Saturday night, but it turns out that Friday worked out better. We had dinner at a cafe near by and then went to a local bar. Through out the night we chatted about his trip to Florida, his boy toy, cars, life and whatever else we could think of. Hanging out with him is always fun and I enjoy doing things that I normally wouldn't do with Bex, Ie things outdoors or things that are a little out of the way. (or weird like yesterday when we went to the bar, it was beside a train track. A broken down truck served as a screen where music videos were being broadcast.)

Tomorrow I get to spend the day (and NIGHT!) with Bex. We haven't had a day off together in about a week and we won't for another week. I'm glad I get to spend time with my sweetie, even if it's only one day. Hopefully we get to go shopping tomorrow because this boy could use some new clothes. (I could always use some new clothes.)

I'm welcoming fall with open arms and hope that this upcoming season is a good one. I already have Halloween sort of planned out and maybe fall will bring new adventures with old friends. I'm optimistic to say the least. ;) With that I will bid you a good night, I'm gonna relax some more and enjoy the rest of my night. ttfn

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