20 September 2010


Bobby Derrekson is pussy whipped but likes dick- courtesy of Mr. V

I'm sure to be a cock slut if I ever get my hands on one. :( I've been soooooooooo depressed and on edge lately. Everything that Bex has done or not done, said or not said has made me anxious, angry, moody. I've been in a horrible place lately. I'm thinking of throwing myself into work for the next couple of weeks to avoid dealing with what ever issues I'm having. I'm not sure what the root cause is, I'm not sure that I want to know... I just want to wallow in my sadness. I don't want pitty... I just want to spiral.

I've been drinking. Actually I'm drinking right now after weeks of not drinking. I 'gave it up' but it just feels right to have a beer or 4 right now. I really need to work my way out of this funk that I'm in right now and I know for sure... that I'm the only one who can pull myself out. Bex is always trying to help me feel better, help me out of this funk... but I don't want to... not until I'm ready. Bless Bex... she's the fucking only one who could deal with my ass. All that girl wants is to love me, have fun, fuck me and eventually have a kid with me. Why can't I just want the same?!?! I love her but I'm unhappy. My soul is unfulfilled and I'm not sure that a cock of any size can fill the void that this boy has. (Well I'm sure it could fill it.... but now I'm just being perverted.)

Well... I guess I should stop before I type something I don't mean. I gotta go.


  1. Oh Bobby, I hurt for you.
    You are so conflicted inside. You need to be honest with Bex!!!
    You need to go and see if these desires you have are real. It is obviously straining your marriage and you don't want to end up bitter towards her and yourself for not doing it sooner and save you two some pain. Someone will be hurt but you can't keep doing this to yourself and Bex.

  2. I feel the exact same thing about my wife. She is the best girl I have ever met..puts up with my shit..loves me more everyday.....but I am unhappy and can't figure out why yet. I don't know if a guy is what I need to make me happy..it doesn't even feel like it would.

    I'm in the boat as you man. Let me know if you figure anything out.