23 September 2010

what is bex doing!?

I don't know what Bex is doing to me. It's driving me crazy. As I wrote yesterday, it was my only day off with my wife for the next week. I'm working 60 hours and with sleep and walking around groggy looking for coffee, it'll limit how much time I actually spend with her. She's working like a madman as well. We had a great day yesterday but the true greatness came after dark. I had felt a nice bulge in my pants for most of the day, it was nice to feel so giddy especially after spending half an hour in Victoria's secret. We hadn't had sex for a while and I think it was showing through. After dinner out we came home to relax but shortly after sitting on the couch, Bex led me into the bedroom and pulled out the crop whip.
She ended up using the crop whip for the first time last night and it was nice. It stimulated a different part of my brain then I thought it would. Rather than thinking about how sexy it was that she was whipping me, I could only think about the exquisite stinging sensation.

We were both horny bunnies who got what we wanted. I thought that the night was over as we returned to the living room to watch some tv. Later on in the night when we had stayed up to chat about all this nonsense that is bisexual me, we got busy...again! This time there was no romancing, no fore play, just a very lovely wham bam thank you sam. We both came at the same time... again.

This morning all I could do was smile and think about her. Am I becoming infatuated with her again?! WTF what is this feeling that is in my mind right now?! I wish that a scientist could look at my brain chemistry because unless I've completely dived off the deep end... there's something going on in this boys head. I haven't felt this much brain chemistry since I got high that one time for new years. Wtf Bex?! Oh and I came a third time when Bex was asleep... but you know... only to help me fall asleep ;) Yeah right... not with the thoughts I was thinking.

Oh so much to write about and so little time to actually write it! So I'm going to tease you yet again and tell you about this new guy at work that I'm so anxious to talk about. I don't want to build it up but putting it at the end of this post wont do it justice. Needless to say that this guy fits every check mark on my list of likes for boys. I miss Mr.V and hopefully we'll get to hang out sometime soon, but I looks almost as if my schedule is booked... until... when?! Ttyl guys :D

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  1. Dude, the same thing happens to me with my wife. We go through periods of time where we a fucking like crazy and all I can think about is her. I think it has to do with being on the same wavelength or something.

    Both horny = lots o' sex!

    Those are fun times.