31 October 2010


Good morning boys and girls! I don't mean to sound like Elmo but I actually like referring to all of us as boys and girls... although I find less and less girls read my blog. Today was a fun day (and bi today I mean last night.) I called out of work because I had already worked 84 hours and I was just apathetic and lethargic. The night before Bex and I had sex, twice! :D

A trend is developing and I'm falling in love with it. The last two times that we had sex, we had sex twice.... the first time is always a romantic roll in the sheets with groping, foreplay, oral, kissing, touching and cumming. The second time is always pounding, grinding, just sex and none of the romantic stuff... just like Bex wants it. I'm a big fan of all the other stuff because she has some gorgeous breasts... but I can accommodate her desires ;)

Anywho... back to today... Bex and I went out grocery shopping and came home and prepped dinner. Mr. V stopped on over and we hung out and watched a movie. The three of us sat around and chatted, watched tv and played on the internet. It was fun and I may have convinced Mr.V to go work out with me. I could always use a gym buddy and all my other guy friends suck so... maybe.

In this post are two pics that I camera phoned... the first being my cup of espresso at lunch with Bex (Friday). It was yummy and I feel refined while drinking the tiny cup of coffee goodness. I sound like such a snob but I'm finding that the only alcohol that I can stomach is champagne and that makes me sort of giggle and smile bc of all my foolery. Ok I'm getting off topic. The second pic is of me in the kitchen after Mr.V left. I was beginning to prep drinks for us. Bex came up behind me and pulled my loose pants down and gave me a hand job right in the middle of the kitchen.... I was in in heaven and wished that it had turned into a blow job but... I'm thankful none the less. I took a pic of my cock in my pants but it came out blurry and unflattering so... I'll post the good one.

Oh and I've officially had the word 'threesome' pop up in my life three times within the last week and a half. Sign or coincidence? ;) :D lol... that's for me to find out and then blog about. Ttyl boys and girls... oh and fan of casey... thank you especially for all the comments. ;) Oh and last but not least... I do have one more photo to share with you...this photo haunts my thoughts... from a new blog that I've just started following... enjoy and have a beautiful Sun(day).


  1. Happy Halloween, oh and I hope the next pic is without jeans *wink*

  2. Bobby: No wonder you are tired! All that extra effort for afterwork play is wearing you out. But you still have the stamina of an 18 year old to cum twice in one night! Wow-wee! That's an amusement park ride I'd like to play on over and over. Oooo, and we got a peek-tease too. Must be my lucky Halloween treat. I'm beginning to see some abs develop. You sound happy; that's a nice change.