09 October 2010

Bex in the mix

So a bit of interesting news and a life changer. I'm overblowing it because I tend to be over dramatic, you know this ;) Bex has been having some trouble lately at her job because she works for a giant movie rental company that is not doing well financially. Her job is becoming unreasonable and since she doesn't want to harass her customers like she has been ordered to, she is on the look out for a new job. Whoa and behold a new position opened up where I work and after talking to my supervisor, I pretty much landed Bex a job where I work.

Ok, so I know the saying 'don't shit where you eat'... but I've worked with Bex in past jobs and I know she's a good girl, especially when it comes to work. I gather that the only problem that I will encounter is that now she gets to see all the men that I gawk at for 12 hours a night. Besides that she gets to see her husband in action and we get to have the same schedule, which is always nice. I see this whole thing as a good thing and I've made peace with the minor troubles that may come with it.

I haven't seen grocery boy or mr. blue too much lately. It's like everyone is hiding from me ;) The only guy I've seen a lot of lately is that 'jared' guy. I'm changing his name to 'country boy' officially... from now on. Anywho country boy has been walking around at work in these mechanics overalls. If they aren't the smallest overalls I've ever seen... He walks around with this saddened look on his face. It's almost as if he's trying to figure something out?? Alls I know is that I still think that he's cute despite the missing personality in his face. I think some people were made to be just eye candy, don't you think?

The last time Bex and I talked about me and my bizness, she told me that she didn't think that I was capable of having a boyfriend boyfriend. Her reasoning is because I've never been close to other men. Me and straight men don't get along to well most of the time. I do have my straight guy friends but generally I'm a different type of guy and I don't mesh as well because I'm not afraid to be a little on the non masculine side. I've expressed in the past to Bex how much I get along with women and I'm finding out... gay men but I still feel like I can't get close enough to another man. She theorizes that I have the capacity to have a fuck buddy and maybe a really good guy friend, but a boyfriend seems a stretch for me. I can appreciate her opinion because it has some valid truths, but I had never thought about it. I figured it would all work itself out but who knows. At least for now I don't worry about that.

Do you think that I could keep a boyfriend or do you think that I'm like 'Dude' and only have fuck buddies?


  1. Bobby - your BF would have to be very open minded to deal with the fact that you are still married, that may be big hurdle once you find a guy to date. So FB would be easiest since no strings attached but from what you've shared before, I think what you need is a FWB, someone willing to not only meet your physical needs but also be your friend.

  2. I agree with you fan of casey. I think that one of the things that I lack the greatest in real life is a friends. I've always been a loner or a group of friends type of guy... but i've never been as close to a guy friend. It's foreign to me and I think that my lonesomeness is a driving force behind my desire to screw every stud I see. I guess that I find it hard to make friends? I dunno bc i'm pretty well rounded. I think this makes for the topic of a future post ;)

  3. Bobby: From my experience guys do tend to put up walls for whatever reason that makes it difficult for people to connect to. Sometimes it's a defensive measure, other times it's for bravo, not wanting to show any weakness or vulnerability. Guys can be very open to superficial discussions but deeper stuff comes off as "girl talk" -- I never understood it myself and I tend to like guys who are in touch with themselves, who don't have problems being emotional, emphatic, compassionate. Too bad you are so far away from me, otherwise I would hang out with you -- we could gossip about cute guys. :-)

  4. I love gossiping about cute guys ♥