18 October 2010

bubbly and sultry

Today is the big day! Bex starts tonight and we are both nervous and I'm giddy with excitement! Why am I so excited??? I have no clue but I think that it has something to do with sharing that part of my life with her. She'll finally get to see where I go for 12 hours a day and what I actually do. It'll be nice to have that eye candy to look at as well ;)

I decided to give myself off today since it would have been 7 days straight and I was not looking forward to it. I had a friends bday party to go to anyways so I decided time off would be good. Bex and I left the party when it died down and had a romantic dinner at PF Changs. Our waiter was pretty cute and very nice so it made the experience all that more pleasant. We returned home to watch some tv, cuddle on the couch and topped off the night with some very sexy passionate sex. We had both been horny for days and all this working made me want to give it to her real bad. We showered afterward and spent some time being silly in the shower, which was different for us as we usually take separate showers.

I love being cutesy and silly with her even when it's over dinner or during a moment of silence. It reminds me of when I used to hang on every word that she spoke, early on in the relationship. Tonight was grand and I did indulge in a little bit of champagne, but not enough to get anywhere. I think that's going to be 'my thing': I don't drink alcohol, but I will indulge in some champagne. My favorite so far is Martini and Rossi.

I had a very nice chat with Mr. V about life and some of the things that are going on at his work. I enjoyed it and I feel like he may be opening up a little more to me. Him and I need to have another starbucks chat or I'll have him over for some bubbly or something. I enjoy his presence and love chatting about boys and laughing at Brett Favre and football talk. (not that we like football or anything.) It's good too bc Bex has her boy friends whom I don't mesh with too well... so she has her friends and I have mine.

Speaking of Bex and boyfriends... her friend whom I don't remember if I coined a name for him... let me think. Anywho the guy who is crushing over her... Joe is really crushing on her... hard core. He says things like 'oh that was sexy' and winks at her. As a matter of fact I notice that 'Joe' shuts down when I'm around... hmmm wonder why? Lol. Bex is liking the attention and all the power to her bc god knows I thrive on attention... I crave it. It is making me jealous though.... jealous yet intrigued and I'm not sure how to feel about that.

I believe in fortune cookies and like to apply whatever generic message they deliver into my personal life. I know it sounds kind of nutso but my fortune did say "You will be moving to a wonderful new home within the year" and I up and moved into my apartment. Whatever... I keep getting the same fortune each time and it states "A big journey begins with a single step" I agree. My outlook right now... move forward... live... stay positive and embark on the journey to figure out who I am.

For now boys and girls... I must go to sleep... I got a big day ahead of me. :) ttyl


  1. Bobby: If you like the bubbly but don't want to shell out big bucks, try spanish cava or italian asti. For american champagne there lots of california ones but one out of Oregon by Argyle is quite good. As for your fortune cookie message, your life is what you make of it, continue to have happy thoughts and focus on your blessings.

  2. FoC: That would make a perfect fortune cookie message... in bed