12 October 2010

midnight vibe

Bex and I were in the middle of sleeping last night when we were awoken by a terrible humming noise. It happened so quickly but I realized right off the bat what it was. The vibrator was going off... or flipped on for that matter. It's sooo weird but after the initial rude awakening, I couldn't stop chuckling. I had given into temptation earlier in the day, cleaned it off and had my way with it. I'm starting to enjoy fun back there, even if it is when I'm bi myself. The other day I took a nice warm bath with my other non vibrating toys, that was also fun and relaxing believe it or not.

I think that I'm busting at the seams to do something creative. I think that just like I get lusty and impossible to be satisfied, I get an urge to do something creative and blogging doesn't satisfy that need. I'm working out constantly and trying to get into photography. I know that I'm interested in posting more and more picture to my blog, especially ones that look like this... but only when I'm ready for it. I'm wanting a bloggie or Flip to video stuff but I'm not sure if i'll video blog, especially since vlogging and blogging is completely different.

I hung out with Mr. V today. I had fun for the few hours we did chat and watch tv. I tried my hardest to not be dry and quiet and I feel like I was successful. Tonight will be the last night of freedom since I will be working for a week straight... that's 84 hours of work! OMG! It'll be good for me because I'm finding out that the more I work, the more toned I feel. I would love to look like this so I could imitate the pose... that would be nice.

I found a varsity male equivalent for women... which made my heart sing! Most pics of women on the internet sort of gross me out, but when they are composed properly and the women don't look like sad sex clowns,... it's really attractive. I like makemeco.me because the pictures are sexy and artful so... i find myself going back there every once in a while. I don't visit as often as I do for varsity male, but every once in a while, when cock isn't doing anything for me... ;) I think about this girl when I jerk it... *coughs when I'm not thinking about Bex of course! Shit... I think I'm gonna be in the dog house when she reads this.

She's been looking so hot lately too. Whenever we've had time together, it has ended in us having fun and steamy sex. I'm starting to like my sex life and finding that on my straight side... I am fulfilled and that I should enjoy it even when I'm not getting any. Appreciation... that's what I need to indulge in. :) That and going down on my wife which I've been craving the past couple of days.

I need to be happy... it's the conclusion that I've come up with.

I could keep blogging right now... but I'll save it for later. Good night (or morning) everyone.


  1. Toys rock! And, you do make me LOL, which is good. You are entertaining :)

    Don't work too hard


  2. Bobby: You sleep with your sex toys? That's really loving it. LOL. Good practice for you once you plunge into the real thing.