06 October 2010

morning quickie

I don't know how I did it but I ended up having two days off in a row. Tonight will be night number one and I hope that we screw like bunnies (Bex and I.) I've ached for her so much it's not even funny. All these thoughts about sex toys, grinding, ridding a cock and vibrators is driving me crazy. I've also been really stressed at work, so I need to release some tension.

I thought I was gonna have an anxiety attack at work after my dumb ass boss pissed me off. I had never been so angry at work before, despite all that I had been through in the past. I took my lunch break and called Bex to vent. As soon as I heard her voice over the other end of the line, I calmed down. When I returned to work, all the problems seemed to have worked themselves out (except my boss being a dumb ass). Bex must have been sending me good vibes. Umm... and I need some good vibes.

So far I'm in a good mood and the world seems tackle-able. I gotta go get some sleep and see how bright the world is when I wake up. Hopefully I'll have a naughty dream. Blog to ya later ;)

1 comment:

  1. Bobby: You riding a cock? Where was that post and how did I miss that juicy nugget of info? :-) Oh, you must be referring to your $300 sex toy -- for your first time, you really should get the real thing. Perhaps grocery boy can help you out? Ask him to show you his banana. LOL.