21 October 2010

naked boy

hi all! There's many things to blog about and virtually no time to write it all down! I'm enjoying the last day of me being off from a 7 day stint of work before venturing on yet another 7 day stint. I'll do a digest of the events that happened in the last couple of days and go into detail later on. So Bex was supposed to start working where I do, long story short she hated it and quit the same day. *Drama! Some shit went down at work where I ended up blowing the whistle on someone and they most likely got fired *Drama! and Mr. V and I hung out and went to a pawn shop. *Drama! oh wait... no drama on that last one!

This morning the only thing that got me out of bed was thinking about a day of shopping. I'm gonna blow my money and my load in the clothing store today ;) I tweeted at the time that all the drama was circling around me that: "I am finally becoming a man" because I jumped in the middle of all the action with a steady hand and calmly handled everything like a champ. It's true what they say... sometimes you just need to get angry.

I'm all over the place and I don't know if I'm shaking because of the ice cold coffee I just downed, or because I'm only wearing a tiny pair of 2xist undies. I'm toning up and I just can't help myself but walk around in my skivvies in my apartment.

Oh man... I'm a busy man! Running here running there... I like it though... makes the time fly!!! It just means that it'll be spring time and time again for a vacation... this time I'll fuck vegas and go somewhere warm where I can show off my body and indulge in some dirty deeds. Mr.V we need to make Florida work out man!

I gotta go! I've got some clothes to buy and some loads to blow! (Can you tell that I'm desperate to shop and have sex?! What a combination!) See yall.


  1. Bobby: Wow! That was fast, one day and she hated it already? Oh well, maybe that was a silver lining, don't know if spending all that time together both at work and then home would have been good, you need to have a break sometime to hone your own identity.

    PS: So when are you going to show off your new toned body for all of us to gawk at? :-)

  2. in good time fan of casey, in good time ;) I'm hoping to be beach body ready in early spring time so I can start stripping (off my winter clothes)

  3. Bobby: You are such a tease! We can hardly wait. Bex will have first dibs on seeing and touching the new and improved you! So give us a clue from Varsity Men what you are aiming for.

  4. oh fan of casey! you dawg! XD lol. Ok I look like this now:
    Now=> http://bit.ly/bda1Gc
    Ideally=> http://bit.ly/agKxi1
    I'll settle for=> http://bit.ly/cJvxWI

    Oh and I'm in ♥ with=> http://bit.ly/b5dcrD this shirt

  5. Bobby: Woof-woof! OK, I'll play along, I took a peek at each:

    Now=> http://bit.ly/bda1Gc = Nice butt cheeks!
    Ideally=> http://bit.ly/agKxi1 = Ripped and chiseled!
    I'll settle for=> http://bit.ly/cJvxWI = Naturally fit and toned!

    You're cute and adorable as is, I'm not sure I want to wait.