08 October 2010

two men one soul

I went out yesterday and shopped my ass off! The starbucks guy who likes to give me free shots of expresso fed my need for coffee and attention. I hung out with Bex all day! We had the funnest time shopping and being silly, something that I hadn't done in forever. I didn't end up buying much, but I did manage to find a DIESEL watch that made my heart skip a beat. I had to get it especially because I had spent weeks looking for just the perfect watch.

I got laid the last two nights and twice on Wednesday night! We've both been insatiable lately. It seems that any time I do get off from work, I'm filling with sex and shopping which isn't too bad right? Hopefully I can get together with Mr.V and we can down a couple of beers or something. Oh wait... I'm not drinking... thats right. Maybe we can go do something else? Any thoughts?

So I was up last night stumbling on stumbleupon and it took me to KGB's website for that KGB text service. Apparently they have some kind of people search service and I couldn't help but KGB myself. It didn't come up with much, but I did find a gem of info under their 'facts' section. I had to take a picture of it because I thought it was hilarious.

Bex had some wine with the home cooked dinner we had last night. I was hesitant on her drinking because her filter comes down when she does. She was good though, she apologized for reaming  me every time she got drunk and said that she realized that it was wrong. We had a chat about everything again. She's resolving to try to get to that point where she can share me, and I'm resolving to make our relationship and daily life a little more normal. We both want to stay together and both want to work together.

I'm trying to incorporate my 'gay' side and interests into my 'straight' side and love into one and being a whole man. I feel that with enough effort, that I can get most of everything that I want and need from Bex. We're happy for the time being and that's all that I can ask for. The last two days were genuine and fantastic and I look forward to continuing the trend.

At least for now I'm hopeful, happy and fulfilled. :)

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  1. Bobby - you sound satisfied for a change, the restlessness is gone from your tone, that's a good sign. No doubt having your wife apologize and acknowledging your hurt feelings helped.