28 November 2010

falls in love

Today is a new day. I got a fresh start to this morning by getting up a whole lot earlier than I normally do. My head was swimming with thoughts of grandeur, fashion, hipsterism and the flashing lights (in my mind). I discovered the DIESEL website last night and OMFG I fell in love. Check this picture out. UGH! That guys butt is sooo fucking cute in those undies... it made me want to pull out my credit card and charge it! I already have one of their watches and fuck me if I don't become a Diesel watch addict.

I didn't  buy the undies because as much I ❤ them... I exercised some self control. Eventually I will buy them or something equally as sexy and I'll model them off. My leg muscles have been getting larger especially in my calf and thigh area and I'm not sure why. I've been trying to put more and more emphasis on my lower body when I squat or thrust...(lol haha) when I'm at work so... maybe it's paying off?

Bex has resolved to no longer read my blog posts. It's too much for her and for me as well. I can't deal with the drama of her reading my lusty musings of boyfancy any more. She promised to stop reading as long as I promise to be honest and to not disconnect from her. Unfortunately reading my blog was the only way that she could actually get into my mind. No more though... after a weekend of being on the same page, I'm confident that I can keep my promise.

Ok, so I am going to go seek treatment because I feel as if I'm ready to find solutions and not just bitch about the situation. Am I so horrible that I secretly wish that my therapist was a really hott guy? I'm just awful because my mind goes into pornmode when ever I think about doctors, firemen, accountants ;) anything with a serious title. That would just make things more complicated so... I'll make sure that I find the opposite.

I couldn't stop thinking this morning about how fantastic it would be if I constructed a headboard for the bedroom. Obviously since I live in an apartment, I have no tools or an area to work in, but I'd love to get some wood... and nail myself together a headboard. I love design and furniture that is gorgeous and I'd love to spend some time building something beautiful. Of course I'd do it like this, because that's how ridiculous I am.

I will be the best me today. Love ya much and have an awesome Sunday.
Love B♂bby

PS. I love this video and song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dlYqPmK7uU


  1. Bobby: I can relate to your fantasies of guys in uniforms - such as your aforementioned doctors, firemen (lets add policemen, EMTs and of course soldiers) but accountants? Really? OMG, that freaking awesome you feel that way cause I'm an accountant. Or is this just a little inside shout out directed at me? Oh you are so sweet!

  2. little inside shout out... but I do like boys in a suit and tie so... both :)

  3. Bobby: Here's my shout back response, lets drool over this guy . . .


  4. oh I've drooled over that guy more times than I can count on one hand. The other hand is... well too busy.