09 November 2010

manspiration and boyinfluence

Sometimes I see someone or something that inspires me to pull myself up by my aldo bootstraps, man-up and just look forward to something. I don't get manspired all too much but recently I've collected several mental thoughts about what kind of man I want to be. I'm gonna share some of those things with you today.

I stumbled upon this blog named Books of Adam. Now I haven't actually read deeply into the blog but what I first noticed was the profile picture from the author. His name is Adam Ellis and I was captivated by his profile pic. (Scroll down on his blog) Here's another. Anywho I knew right away that this is who I want to eventually be... I'll explain. I perceive this guy to be happy, full of personality... very very attractive, balanced and who is doing something he loves. I don't actually know if any of that is true but I'm inspired to be those things none the less.

Ok this next one is obvious. I love this picture and it's about the 5th time that I've shared it with you. What I love about this picture besides the HOTT man body is the pants. I like fashion and I'm a big fan of nicely constructed and showcased jeans and pants... so it makes me want to slim down, bulk up and wear my pants proudly. I also like the nonchalantness in his face. I would love to tease all the boys and girls by just being and just wearing clothes without actually trying... so.

I'm realizing there's a trend in my manspirations for the day... here's another more obvious one. I like this picture because I like how sexual mundane things can be... when you make them sexual. The other day I had to crawl on the floor to pick up something under a chair... and I decided it would be more fun to slouch down like a stripper and slowly move down the chair... like I was a naughty boy. (It's hard to describe but it made me feel good.)

So I must admit that I'm horny right now and the post I intended didn't turn out like I wanted. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna start grunting and touching myself if I don't stop ;)

Lately I've been thinking about older men. I thought that I had decided that older men we unappealing, but I think my views have changed. I don't know what it is that is making me change my views, but I'm starting to appreciate boys of the older persuasion. I'm not sure but I think that I'd love to be the boy toy for an older guy but that's just me wanting to be an attention whore. You guys know how I feel about being a boytoy to a cougar... so now I'm just starting to appreciate it for... panthers?

So I'm putting on my shoes and going out and maybe I won't get a boner in the middle of bed bath and beyond... wish me luck as I'm wearing really tight pants. Oh I should get some brand new sheets... shit... did I just type that. :) ttyl boys and girls.


  1. Bobby: Are you sure you're bi? You love fashion and shopping too much, come play for our team for a change. Maybe you're metrosexual? You can check out your fellow metros at BB&B -- I've been to that store, it's full of them.

  2. I'm pretty sure I'm bi. ;) Although I could play for your team very well. I'm very metro and I LOVE shopping.... I'll check BB&B out soon... when I'm no drunk. It's weird... i become more straight when I'm drunk... right now... I'm drinking and very close to Mr.V... let's see what happens tonight... prob nothing Hah! Oh god I love ya fan of casey.

  3. Bobby: My admiration for you is mutual - I think it's time to try some closer connection, only if you want to of course. What's your email address? I tried looking on the blog but I couldn't find it. I could be the second member of the Bobby Derrekson Fan Club, right after Mr. V.

  4. Bobby: I'll sweeten the pot -- I'll share with you one of my favorite naughty sites, like this one:


  5. Fan of casey... :) big... smile. ;) my email address is bobbyderrekson@yahoo.com... I would love an email from you or a chat... so... write me. I love your attention ;) I'm still drunk and kissed Mr.V but only as a friend.... but the night is still young. write me... :D

  6. Bobby: If you are giving platonic kisses to gay friends, I'm next in line . . . maybe I can get a cuddle with you too. ;-) But it's late already, you need to get to bed and sleep off the alcohol. Then we can talk. Sweet dreams!