04 November 2010

more photos

Here are some more photos taken from my phone... notice the subtle use of bad framing and blurriness ☺
A poster above our bed
Our wedding rings *shiny*
A coffee table I saw and I though 'I'd love to get fucked on that'
Mr.V taking pics as we sit on the couch and chat
My lucky pair of undies and my gunmetal chords



  1. Bobby: A glimpse into your life thru pictures - I like it, especially the intriguing coffee table and your desires to be naughty.

  2. Oh there's always lots of things around me that make me desire a more sexual avenue of living. Since I was young I've always wanted to live the life of the pornstar characters... but I up and got married :( When I get the body that I want... my life will progressively get more sexual... atleast that's what I'm planning.

  3. Bobby: Hmm, pornstar fantasies, huh? No wonder you are so adventurous in the bedroom. You sound plenty sexual to me already and you are getting lots of action.