26 November 2010

partied 'hard'

Oi! I am so over the moon about last night. Let me start from the beginning... on Wednesday I went into work looking forward to getting off early bc Thursday we would be closed for thanksgiving. Everyone left early as expected, but I ended up staying till my normal get off time which totally blew. I went home and started cooking our feast of thanksgiving food. I went to sleep and got 4 hours of sleep. Then it was a nonstop ride of going to places and eating food.

Now for the good stuff. (If you can't tell bi how I'm writing.. i'm still a little drunk.) Bex, Ash, myself and a coworker went to scandals. It was all you can drink draft beer night. I tried really hard to not over eat so that I could look good for the gay bar. (and I did! look fly) It was pretty empty but I got drunk enough to dance! I'm over the moon about how much dancing I did. I danced with Bex, I danced with my coworker, I danced by myself... and I'm pretty sure I did well on the dance floor. I got so drunk last night that I was a little touchy feely and apparently I was telling my coworker about all the guys at work that I would fuck. (Oh and despite not wanting to come out to her... the alcohol through my filter out the window.) It's ok though, we swapped secrets that she didn't want to tell me so I know my secret is safe.

My coworker said 'Bobby! I thought you were the straightest guy- at work!' - Yeah right, far from it and she must be crazy... bc I must admit... I am kinda gay. So besides the touchy feelieness and not having a filter... I was on my best behavior. Oh I did end up pissing Bex off bc I said 'Oh I'd totally get divorced so that I could fuck that guy'. (I don't remember saying it-AT ALL) but I explained later that I didn't remember and I didn't mean it. (Plus it doesn't mean anything anyways, right?)

I miss my Mr.V! He's in FL right now visiting some friends. Oh and his boytoy, so maybe he'll have a fun story or two to tell me. We all need to peer pressure him into going to the gay club with us. I would totally dance with him if he wanted to dance with me.

Ok I gotta go bc I could just be on here all day. P.S. Bex is getting Gucci heels for her Bday and Kenneth Cole just came out with touch screen mens wrist watches.... OH SHIT!
Love B♂bby


  1. Bobby: Not to rain on your fun parade but i thought you wanted to cut back on the drinking since both you and Bex get quite uninhibited by the things you say (not that you necessarily follow thru with action). Or have you both concluded that it's just the alcohol loosening your lips but not your pants? It just seems recent hurt feelings have all been fueled by too much booze.

  2. I shouldn't be drinking, but this occasion warranted me just letting go and having fun. I did and I hope to repeat it, this time... sober.

    She did cut me some slack this time since we were both drunk. I shouldn't be drinking though.

  3. Bobby: I wasn't saying don't drink at all -- you can have a few but too many seems to end up being bad for you because of the things you express so freely and without your filters on. And I hope you don't start using alcohol as a way to cope with not being able to act out on some of your bi desires. I just don't want you to see you get hurt.