27 December 2010


Hey boys and girls! Finally getting a moment to myself to blog. How was your Christmas? Mine was great! It snowed like crazy on Christmas day. There was about half a foot of snow out by the time that I woke up... from the get go Christmas was magical.  I realize how I've used the word Christmas in every sentence so far... so I'm gonna choose my wording a little better. I got everything that I wanted and then some. As we were gift giving for the first time since we got together, I wanted to make it special and not just buy 1 thing, but 3 things for her. I got her some jewelery that she had picked out. I did good... but she did better with me.

Bex got me a really nice All-Son Sherpa Waffle Hoodie via Urban Outfitters that is olive and fits me perfectly. Also she scooped up these New Desmond Reader which look fantastic on my face. Since they're only for ascetics, Bex can wear them too bc they're non prescription. Oh and she looks damn sexy in them. Ash even visited and wore them, adding a sexy touch. I feel so stylish wearing my jacket, my black frames and my 2xist boxers and I bet I'll feel even more chic when I actually get to leave the apartment to wear them. (Including pants... mustn't forget the pants.)

Later that night after dinner and flirtini's, after I posted my last blog posting...Bex walked into the room and popped in a dvd that I owned but hadn't seen. I'm talking of course about porn. Last time I had ordered from Adameve I got three free dvd's and I had never watched them. We sat watching the hot action on Tv and instead of moving the action into the bedroom, decided to stay and have our fun there. I was rock hard from watching porn and we screwed in every position we could think of. I gave it to her hard and loved every minute of it. After about 20 or so minutes we moved into the bedroom and continued our little holiday fuckfest.

The day after I decided to sit down and use the giftcard that I recieved from my friend FoC. Are you ready to see what I bought? I spent maybe an hour or two browsing around but I'm pretty sure I found what I ordered within the first half hour. I ordered 'Adams Pleasureskin Cock' which causes me all sorts of excitement. It's highly reviewed and bigger than anything that I own. I'm hoping that since theirs a suction cup at the base that it'll make things easier for me to play with. Also I got 'Sportsheets Latigo Leather Harness' just in case I feel very courageous and want to explore letting Bex 'peg' me. I think that Bex plans on using the cock as well, but we'll see. Oh and to close out my shopping cart I got 'Jack Black Body Wash' so this boy can smell good. I ❤ jack black products, so now I'll be nice, clean and smell great. Thanks again FoC and I told you that you were aiding in my delinquency and that I'd put it to good use.

Is it weird for me to be turned on about screwing my wife with a strap on for hours, considering I have my own cock? I'm good for about 30 or so minutes but sometimes I think she could go on for way more. It's just a thought thats in the air right now, we'll see what she thinks when she see's it. Hopefully I'm not being too eager but I think that I've worked my way up to that big boy. We will see when it cums to the apartment. ;) I can't wait!!!!!

I'm a spoiled boy with all my toys. I wanted to post some snow pics that I took. This is the tiny ass view from my apartment. Hopefully the snow will go away soon and I'll be able to hit the gym. I've been tummy stuffing since I've been stuck in my apartment. Although my bedroom gymnastics has to account for something right?

I have soo much to blog about and sooo little time to do it in. I'll prob be annoying and post as soon as I get a moment. I'll ttyl... I got an apartment to clean and a lady to screw.

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  1. Bobby: You picked out some nice things. I'm glad you found things that you liked - you went for a toy a bit bigger than you already have, that's the adventurous spirit. Have fun and post some picts of the items after they arrive.