30 December 2010

Dinner with friends

Mr. V posted up a blogpost entitle Wacky Wednesday... which was totally wack. Yes, Mr.V was over at my place, playing with my things. Bex was here so... only playing with my computer things. AND MESSING UP MY TWITTER! Ok, i'll calm down now. Yeah, there wasn't anything on that blog post so I deleted it.

Bex and I started our day off by finally leaving the apartment, bearing the snow covered parking lots and went out to shop! Actually we had not planned to shop, just buy groceries... but the mall, it called to us. My wedding ring had to be resized so we headed to the jewelery store to send it out. From there I bought another bottle of Ralph Lauren Big Pony #1 body spray. I ❤ #1. Then we went to GAP where I got a beanie (that finally fits my misshapen face) and a tee shirt. We made out good for that store.

I took pics outside the dressing room. I'm wearing my Christmas presents and hopefully you'll agree that I'm pimpin my jacket out! I also took some video of me clowning around in there but I'd rather wait till later to show my face. Maybe when I'm beach body ready ;)

Bex and I returned home for the night only to find Mr.V tweeting me about hanging out. Heck yeah! The three of us went out for coffee and then Dinner since Bex and I hadn't eaten all day. Dinner was nice. Out of the several conversations we had, the most memorable was about how I don't handle my liquor to well... cause I molest people. OMG It's true. I have to learn to keep my hands to myself bc it must get too bad if we're talkin about it. Ok, Mr.V I'll be a good boy if you cum over on new years. I promise. :D Damn... I shouldn't make promises. I'm so glad Bex isn't reading my posts anymore...

I'm soo not worth the teasing
Otherwise I couldn't post this. Brandon Lewis... hot, sweaty and sexy. Fuck. Oh my wow. I'm a man in lust right now. I watched a documentary on the 'Science of sex appeal', which was interesting. The movie probed about what men and women find attractive in the opposite sex and how each little thing means something important. It was really good but it made me wonder how that science applied to gay, bi and lesbian men and women. It's insanity when you break down how we process things. I'm being very vague but if you watch it, what I'm saying will make a little more sense. I hate feeling so lusty towards men bc sometimes it drives me up the wall! UP THE FUCKING WALL! Ok enough with the shouting. I was choking on my soda at the restaurant and Mr. V said, "Bobby wishes he could choke". Obviously implying on a cock, I just laughed, continued to choke and agreed. Hope Bex doesn't get all pissy bc I agreed.

I prewarned her to not get offended by any comment or remark I may make when I'm with Mr.V and for the most part I'm pretty sure she stayed mellow. Sometimes I'll say something that I think will be so innocent like 'he's cute' and she'll freak. Ugh it's getting old. Bex and I had a conversation the other day about her insecurities with me, and her shock from me telling her that I wouldn't mind her having sex with Joe. Actually I do mind but as I explained to her, I can't handle wanting to be shared and not being able to share her. I would want it to be equal no matter how hard it would be. I think that I insulted her or made her feel disposable. [not my intentions] I think Bex got involved with a boy with a foolish heart. I need to stop playing these games and figure out which heart to break, mine or hers.

I'm such a little kid. I haven't made peace with the fact that I can't have both. I still have that glimmer of hope that I'll have my Mr. and my Mrs. Why must I choose? Boo! I'm gonna go work my arms out again and pump myself out of this depression. (You can take that any way you want to.) Once I reach Adonis status... i'll have everything I want ;) (Ok... we're back in fantasyland) yay!

Oh boys and girls... good night ;) Sweet dreams. ttylz!
 Love B♂bby


  1. Bobby: Teasing us again eh? And in your new clothes no less. Looks good on you. Now, we don't need you to have an Adonis body when you already have the spirit of one, that's what makes you attractive. I know it works for me, maybe I'm just too easy and giving it away? :-)

  2. Bobby: I forgot to mention, oh look at them beefy man paws of yours, they are so sexy. hey! i got to work with what I can see. :-)