11 December 2010

hungry boy

I'm aching terribly right now! OMG I'm online shopping and I'm shaking to my core to not buy anything. Why am I torturing myself? This is the first year that Bex and I are doing Christmas and I can't help but send her some helpful hints via Email about what I want. Yes... it does take the fun out of it... but ahhh! I still don't know what to get her but I want to put every once of excitement I have right now into finding her the perfect gift(s).

Last night (my only night off) Bex and I slipped into the shower for some naughty fun. As soon as I jumped in my pete started getting excited. (Usually not the case when getting into the shower believe it or not.) Bex had been a 5 star all day and her hottness was radiating in the shower. (Maybe it was the warm water too.) We made out, she jerked me off (from behind! my favorite!) I felt her up a little bit... and while she was shampooing and turned away from me... I slide my cock in places she didn't want it to go. (Of course being the respectful gentleman I didn't go 'in' I just played around.) Which made me even more excited! We didn't screw in the shower but took the action into the bedroom.

I gots laid and it was fantastic. It was the cherry on top of the evening we had yesterday. As I said, Bex was hott yesterday with her brunette hair waving, her ass popping in her sexy boots and her makeup was gorgeous. While out yesterday we were in Victoria's Secret and I had walked away from Bex who was looking at their beauty products. I heard a VS girl say 'Oh honey let me look at that rock!' referring to Bex's wedding ring. Let me tell you... it never ever stops making me feel great when she gets complimented on her ring... I chose it and I have excellent taste when it comes to... everything!

I need to find myself a nice boyfriend. Once again for like the millionth time.. can't a guy have a wife and a boyfriend? Since I've been online all day at Urban outfitters and Diesel I imagine my boyfriend would look really cute and kinda hipstery. I've been obsessing over boys like this and this lately. I'm moving towards pics of guys who I wanna be like and moving away all the gay sex I can't have. Although I hope that this happens some day. And this.

I'm learning to keep my lust at bay... atleast slightly. I'm no longer starring down other boys who I want to strip down. I'm also striving to be more social and less wall flowery. Horray for small changes! Oh man... all this porn and shopping has made me starving for... well... hopefully I don't get cum all over my credit cards! ;) I gotta go guys.

Love B♂bby


  1. yeah um i had to skip over some parts of this, a little bit too graphic

  2. I'm sorry Mr.V I should have warned you ;)

  3. Bobby: Yay! The drought has finally been lifted. You and Bex needed to reconnect and you did it, well done!

    Oh, I didn't know Mr. V was so easily offended -- c'mon now, we are all adults here, we can handle some naughty details.

    I like your taste in gay guys, so yummy. Even after the ride with Bex, you still are longing for the next amusement, the gay void remains.

  4. Bobby: New clip with your favorite, Brandon Lewis, check it out.


  5. Bobby: Free gallery picts of BL


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  7. Bobby: Damn, I keep finding more free BL stuff to share with you.


  8. Bobby: OK, last one, I'm pooped being your BL search engine. :-)