01 December 2010

I am tired!

Morning all! I'm awake all too early today. I went to sleep about 9:20 and woke up at 11:45 and did not manage to fall back asleep. Argh! I hope today goes by smoothly and I don't fall asleep at random times. I also hope that this post is coherent and that everything makes sense. Although I feel like I got punched in both eyes, I am enjoying some me time in my living room. It was flurrying earlier but now it's all sunny out.

I do believe that Mr.V is back from Florida although I have not heard much from him on FB or twitter. I expect that he had a blast and has some stories (and hopefully pictures!) to share with me. The other day his status was that of a frowny face and I'm betting that it has to do with leaving his boytoy in FL. His boyfriend (or boytoy) and him got to go see Burlesque and I'm so Jelly because I've wanted to see it for a while. Maybe Bex and I will go see it soon.

I remember being in a long distance relationship with Bex. Those were the worst and best times. The two of us worked at blockbuster on opposite ends of the US and always made time at the end of our days to chat. I used to look forward all day to our nights of just gabbing on and on, sometimes about nothing. I loved how connected we were. Bex definetly was the highlight of my days and nights back then...especially when having long distance sex over the phone. Yes... knowing me... yes I did take it there.

OMG if I ever want to stop obsessing over hot naked men then I need to stop going to sites like Manhunt. I just found myself drooling over the keyboard. Damn Mr.V for showing me Manhunt daily! I should prob delete it and just keep with my Varsity male visits... although new stuff has not been added daily. Oh there is too much power at my finger tips!

I've been thinking lately about how all my probs boil down to what it is that I want in the end. I've been mulling over some questions that both Fan of Casey and Bex have asked within the past week. In the end.... what do I want and what do I think that I can get out of life, love and sex. I'm not sure yet. I think my hesitation to answer that question lies in whether sex with men can satisfy my hungry urges. I've got a lot to jerk out in my mind. I mean... work out. ;) I'm keeping that mental piece of laffy taffy on the backburner.

Oh boys and girls... I'm sooo tired! Maybe I'll make myself some of that chocolate coffee... yum ;) ttyl b's&g's!
Love B♂bby


  1. Bobby: Those are difficult questions to answer so spend the time to think them through, the answers are not so obvious. And what you think you want and need today will probably change 5, 10 years from now. Being young, ballsy and impulsive may work today but your responsibilities in the future may be different. Life is a journey, make the best of the all the stops along the way.

    A hot coffee sounds good, I wish I could join you and sit and chat.

  2. I wish you could join me to. Maybe we'll skype some day?

  3. Bobby: I thought you wanted to keep your face secret, cause that's such a tempting tease for me. You going to wear a disguise? ;-)

  4. Yes, I'll put on makeup and those glasses that have a nose and mustache built into it. lol! Well since I know that you don't work where I work... I don't mind so much.

  5. Bobby: No makeup, I want to see you in the raw, fresh and pristine.

    And didn't you go back to bed yet if you are so tired? Don't invite me to join you for that . . . I would not be able to resist an offer like that.

  6. ;) stop it. We're gonna have to work up to that lol. Oh Mr. FoC... :) I can do fresh and pristine... maybe even raw... but on a day when I don't have raccoon eyes and I've slept some. Sounds fun no?

  7. Bobby: If I'm invited, I won't care what condition you are in, it still would be fun. We're flirting and this time you don't need booze to loosen you up. Oh, I better stop before I get you in trouble. Go take a nap.

  8. ❤ te-he lol. No alcohol today. I meant the skype-ing while having coffee. ;) I'm sure that i'd suck in bed since I've never had boy before but I'm eager and hungry so maybe that'll make up for it. Oh shit... I'm keeping this flirt fest alive...sorry. Goodnight ;)

  9. Bobby: Oh I'm sure there could be lots of sucking in bed, but not the kind you are talking about. :-) Your willingness to keep an open mind is all that's needed for us to have a good time . . . skypeing and coffeeing of course.