05 December 2010

I have a type

Not too long ago Bex attempted to work where I work. It didn't work out and maybe it was for good reasons. She was replaced by someone new who turned out to be a very hot, 28-35 year old piece of ass. This guy is so freakin cute, fit, has beautiful short lightbrown/blondish hair and light eyes. Apparently he has some facial hair too as I discovered yesterday. I could tell two things from the moment I saw him.
1. He's gay because he's too stylish, groomed and cute... totally batting for team gay.
2. He's 100% my type

When I sit and rant about the guys I go gaga for, I discover that I do have a type that drives me crazy. If you remember Mr.Blue... who I don't think works there anymore.. he too is 35-38 fit and mysteriously cute with brown hair. I see a pattern with this guy too, seeing as I have not said two words to him. The only guy who doesn't fit my 'type' was Mr.V who is younger, thin, and a lot more 'youthful' than these other guys. I'm gonna try 'hard' to not obsess... but if you know me.. I'll obsess anyways.

So besides this guy from work... I also keep thinking about that Brandon Lewis pornstar. OMG if I didn't fall heels behind neck in love with that guy and his smile. I kid you not, at work yesterday I thought about that dude like 30 times. Maybe I need to break down and buy one of his dvd's if he has one. I live in the south too (technically, and I don't have an accent btw) so I was amused and surprised to be turned on by his accent. What are the porn gods doing to me?! That manhuntdaily post almost literally fell into my lap.

Bex jumped into the shower with me yesterday while I was getting fresh and clean for work. She NEVER jumps into the shower with me... so it was a welcome surprise. Seeing her got me all hot and bothered so I started feeling her up... and SHE LET ME! Score! I pressed my self up against her and started pressing my cock up against her butt and other places. I was on cloud 9. We didn't have sex but it was the closest and most intimate I've felt with her for months. The sex lately has been terrible, the foreplay... the worst... but this shower experience was amazing. I'm gonna show Bex this later and then go toy shopping. What do you think?

We had a big talk about why things have sucked (and not in the good way) lately. I still hadn't gotten over her kissing/stroking that one guy... and her constant accusations and mistrust of me. Fortunately she favored my point of view and resolved to stop being so insane bc I'm not doing anything to warrant her behavior. Things are steady right now and hopefully a few nights of good sex and me getting the cum banged out of me will make everything better. ;)

All this talk about banging, pornstars, sex toys and boys is got me all hot and bothered... I have to go cool off ;)
ttyl boys and girls


  1. I just wanted to add that I just checked to see if he had a twitter and he does and he's bi... so... ugh ❤❤❤

  2. Bobby: OK, you had you chance with Bex, next time when she's spontaneous with you, just go for it. You need to "reconnect" with her, ;-)

    So are you coming around to the strap on idea? Last time you said you could not see yourself giving up the dominant position. Just experiment one time to see how you might like it. Maybe that might meet your bi needs.

  3. One would hope right? Would it be weird if did like the guy does and suck on the toy on my hands and knees? I've been lusting to have something nice and hard in my mouth.

  4. Bobby: No, it's not weird, at least not to me. I've played with toys that way and I'm sure others have too. Sometimes the only way to know is to try it out. A toy is not going to replace the real thing 100% but it helps to make the fantasy come alive and that's what I think you need, to make the fantasy more real. You hype it up so much in your head, time to see if it really turns you on.