21 December 2010

Days off days out

Only a couple more days till I have off for Christmas break! If all goes as planned I'll have off from work from Dec 24th to Jan 2nd... and I plan on having lots of naughty nights and fun. I'm hoping to go to the gay club at some point during this break but my plans are still in the air. I thought it would be fun to ring in the new year while dancing my ass off... but who knows. I'll be severely disappointed if it doesn't happen.

I really want to get drunk! I want to but at the same time I don't bc I know that my want for drunkenness is coming from a bad place. The last three or four days I've been kind of wallowing, but i've been actively trying to not let it affect my mood. Bex can tell somethings up but I told her that I need to blog and that i'll get over it. I think that it stems from multiple people in my life telling me that I NEED to cheat. I get their reasoning and I get upset bc I know the point that they are making. I need to find out what it's all worth and the longer I wait, the more it eats me up inside. Oh btw... I was at lunch with Bex and I totally was saying something along the lines of 'it's just gonna eat me up inside' but I said... 'it's just gonna eat me out'... lol yes... enjoy your salad old lady next to me.

I so very lustfully took care of myself the other day in the shower. Bex and I haven't had sex in a week and it just ate at me and I needed to get off. I've discovered that shaving cream is a friend in the shower bc it makes everything slick and the masculine smell of the cream... just drives me all sorts of crazy. I love jerking it in the shower bc afterwards your just relaxed, clean and smelling good. Yumm... I love smelling good. I have a body wash, cologne and a face scrub that all has a very light scent so that I smell great but you have to get really close in order smell me. I don't wanna be smelled when I walk into a room!

Mr.V and I went out for coffee! I helped him shop for Christmas gifts, which I didn't end up being much help, but I enjoyed myself. After shopping we stopped by starbucks and both grabbed a Peppermint white chocolate mocha... yumm. The coffee house was packed so we hopped into his car and headed over to a historic hotel/inn we have. There is a national gingerbread house competition held here every year and we got to look at the winners. It was awesome! I always have fun when I hang out with Mr.V even though we usually hang around book stores or chill in my apartment. I like just doing that... chilling in my apartment with him, but since Bex is jobless I'd rather be out and spend some one on one time with him. Oh and I got to look at his Florida trip pics. OMG his boy toy in Florida is a hunk. Think kurts boyfriend from Glee. ;) I'm sure Mr.V's not gonna appreciate it but :P he's cute... be proud.

Ok... I feel much better now.. who knew cream soda, chocolate and blogging would fix it... for now. Gah at this rate I'm gonna be a fatty. Ok... I'm going to head to the gym and work it off... and fantasize about meeting Mr.Right now and all the naughty things we can do in the gym bathroom. Ok... I'm gonna go before I drive myself craaaaazy.
Love B♂bby


  1. Bobby: Oh yum, cream soda and chocolate would make me smile. Enjoy the time off, you deserve it.