25 December 2010

Xtra long blog post

I was making cookies in the kitchen, naked... I looked down and realized that there was flour on my cock! I'm starting this post off with TMI i know- but naked cookies is the least of your worries if you keep reading! My night started off with coming home early from work and cracking open a bottle of beer. It had been a while since I last drank and I just wanted to let go for even a little bit. So I did.

After I warmed back up (bc it's freezing outside) and the beer started working its magic, Bex and I started sharing stuff on the internet... video clips, songs, stuff we find and what not. Anywho she asked if there were more videos (like the guy getting pegged by his gf) that I'd like to share. YES! this was my opportunity, but I couldn't find any so I browsed around Manhunt's bi the way section and found this. Trystan Bull screwing a chick. Straight content, so Bex watched it with me and the turn on factor was amazing. Here's a hottie like Trystan screwing a pretty girl. That's my kind of 'straight' porn. Anywho... all his rhythmic movements and motions sent us into motion in the bedroom. I don't know if it was the beer, porn or my delayed ability to cum when I've been drinking... but this last time we had sex was my #1. What I wouldn't sell or give to have it again. I found what I had been so desperately searching for. The inability to catch my breath, the sweating, the ecstasy... omg! I don't know why, but I'm going to try to replicate it... sober.

So back to the cookies... after sex Bex was tired and I had promised her that I was going to bake her oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I thought 'screw getting dressed' so I didn't. I mixed up all the ingredients and did everything in the buff, much to Bex's enjoyment. At this point I was drunk but capable of baking and surely enough the cookies came out pretty great.

~switching gears~

The next day Bex and I went to Blockbuster to rent a video. We haven't been there in ages since she quit and I expected Joe to be there. I was right but I had made a promise with myself that I would be cool about seeing him again. Bex got dressed to the nines makeup and everything [I think she got did up to see him and hanging with Ashley] We got out of the car and she says "it's cold out, I'm going in" and hopped towards the store. (I don't think she knew that he was there but since I know how the universe works... of course I expected him to be there.) Upon entering the store Joe sees Bex and enthusiastically hugs her from the other side of the counter. She liked it... I know she did. He said 'hi' to me and I replied with a hi. The entire time we were there I played it cool like there was no history between the three of us. Confidence ran through my veins and I just couldn't help but smile. We left the store and Bex was bewildered that I didn't go insane with jealousy. The jealousy that I felt turned into a sensation of being turned on. She likes attention like I do and I understand that... she's finally understanding that attention... it's nice and it doesn't mean anything unless you want it to.

Right now we're having a conversation about how she has a faaaaaaaaaaaattttt crush on Joe and my willingness to share her. My New Years resolution may be forming right now!!! We're both a bit tipsy, not enough to get angry, but enough to let our guard down. We're both swimming in each others mind right now. I think that she wants to sleep with him. I know she wants to do more than hug him. She's coming to realize that she too may have needs that I may not be able to fill. We keep saying 'I love you... I love you but...' and so far the conversation is staying positive, honest and interesting.

My #1 fan FoC is a total sweetheart. He very generously sent me an Amazon gift card for Christmas. I'm not going to lie, I was stunned and over the moon. Thank you so very much FoC. I did end up filling up my shopping cart today and I'll tell you tomorrow what tricks I have up my sleeve. Suffice it to say that I am very thankful for FoC's Christmas gift... and that he's aiding in my delinquency.

I'm gonna get going bc Bex just started playing some porn on my TV screen... and I can't type anymore... my hands are too busy.

Love B♂bby


  1. Bobby: Baking naked . . . keep the oven mitts handy, you wouldn't want to burn any body part . . . Ouch!

    If you want to open up the relationship, it cuts both ways -- can you handle sharing if you want to be shared? Tricky.

    You make the joy of giving worthwhile, few are so happy as you. I picked 3 bloggers I connected with this year to gift, and you my friend was one of them.

  2. Could I handle sharing my Bex? Initially I say yes, but I dunno. The jealousy/turn on factor is intriguing.

    I would hope that the other two are just as grateful, taking kindness for granted is the worst things that a person could do. We should all be so lucky to have such a great guy like you in our lives.