30 December 2010

year end pics

GAP Beanie and moobs ;)
It's that time of the year again! You know... when all the bloggers talk about New Years resolutions. As you may remember my resolution last year was to have sex at least 250 times. From rereading my post from last year, my resolution was a two parter. Part one was the whole sex thing and the other one was participating in HNT's. Well... I didn't quite meet part number one. I did do HNT a couple of times, though. The total count of recorded (sometimes I was too drunk/tired/hyper to record it) times that Bex and I did it was: [drum roll please] 58 times. We still have a couple of nights to go and so far Bex has threatened to kill me if she doesn't get laid tonight. I guess I'll round out the year with one last HNT post.

So my toy came in the male today. (I mean.. mail.) (Gah I'm starting to write like Carrie from sex and the city) I was super excited. Especially since the knock from the UPS guy woke me out of a mad crazy sex dream (don't ask.) I'm posting up a pic of the toy that I used to have. My old toy is only 6 inches in length and 1.5 inches wide. My new toy is OMG big. I'll put some pics of it up as well. It feels really nice but I've yet had time to play with it. I'm either ambitious or foolish to think that I'd be able to take this... but I'm looking forward to trying. I think that my New Years resolution will be to fit this big boy into my repertoire of sexual goodness. I'll have to keep you guys posted.

My New Years plans formed spontaneously yesterday while out with Mr. V and Bex. He didn't have plans and neither did we so we resolved to buy some Champagne and toast to the new year together. In preparation for Friday night I stopped by the store for two bottles of Martini and Rossi, one for us and another for him. Fun will be had tomorrow and hopefully I can add a part two to my resolution... bc what I've come up with already sounds far too easy.

We will see boys and girls... we will see. I'm gonna go and screw my girl before she pulls out the switchblade. lol. blog to ya laterz.


  1. Bobby: How daring of you to show some actual skin. Is this what we can look forward to for 2011? I sure hope so. So this is your new toy, looks imposing doesn't it? But with some practice I'm sure you'll be enjoying it soon enough. So where's the rest of your stuff? Anyway, here's hoping you have a safe and fun new year's celebration. Give Mr. V a friendly peck on the cheek come the strike of midnight. XOXO, FoC

  2. LOL! Mr.V looked pretty scared when we were talkin about keeping my hands to myself. Oh for shame! I'm gonna be a good boy, don't wanna repel my only friend away ;) I need to handle my liquor better. xoxo FoC have a happy new year!

  3. Bobby: Give us a peek of your nipples next time, I bet they are moobilicious! And ditch the shower cap. ;-)

    Don't over do it on the champagne cocktails new year's eve, we want you RAW - ready, able, and willing to tackle those bi issues in 2011.

    When I blow my fireworks at the strike of midnight, I'll be thinking of all the wonderful bloggers I met this year and at the top of my list will be my dear Bobby.

  4. lol. After you 'blow' your fireworks, write me back since I emailed you like two days ago! lol. Oh I will be raw and ready to tackle those issues you speak of. Hungover maybe but still raw. Oh and I promise to work out to not be so Moobilicious... no matter how appealing that sounds. ;) Nite nite FoC.