02 January 2011

Day 1 part two

New Year new me. Ok I know I'm overdoing the whole new year theme and I'm sure that I'll be the only blogger still talking about it... but here I go. So we all know that fun was had New Years eve with Mr.V and Bex. Bex woke up early to spend the day out with Ms. Ashley (Ash). They left pretty early and I had the apartment to myself. I would like to say that I spent the morning grinding on my huge toy... but I did something better. I went to the gym as I had posted on my last post (especially since we were going to the gay bar later) and came home to have a chat with my new chat buddy Mr.Aussie. Actually that's a lie. I had chatted with Mr.Aussie via fb during the wee hours of the morning while Mr.V and Bex slept. At that time, I made an appointment to Skype with him later.

my club outfit
I kept my appointment after Bex and Ash returned home. I got all dressed up and since we had extra time to kill 4 hours before the club opened... I dusted off my web cam and had a chat with Mr.Aussie. [backstory] Mr.Aussie is a blogger from Australia. I've followed his blog for forever and the whole reason I bought the webcam, was to cam with him. (but I've had it for a year and never had the courage to cam.) I had loads of fun chatting with Mr.Aussie as he is a very cute and adorable boy (and I believe we're the same age too.) Don't worry... I kept my pants on and unfortunately so did he. I think I have a new infatuation ;) lol Don't worry Aussie, I'm not gonna be a psycho boy. My chat with him lasted about two hours, but it was two hours of being outside my element (actual face to face communication.) So I'm making strides towards being that charming adonis that I am on the inside. Mr. Aussie is such a hottie. I should visit him someday.

Did you?
So once Bex got done up and Ash took her top off and put it back on... we headed out. By this time Bex and Ash had done 5+ shots of Jager. Once we got to the club it was apparent that the place was alive! Omg so many people! We headed to our usual spot in the club and I grabbed myself a red bull to tide me over. Lots of people we already buzzing and the bar had just opened. I very much wanted to be sober at least a couple of times when we go. While stepping outside for some fresh air and a social cigarette [don't smoke, just socially when drinking but hardly then] I got chatted up by this boy who was very adorable. Totally not my type but instead of running away I stayed to chat. I could tell he was looking for something but like I said, not my type... although I loved all the clothes he was wearing. (Is it just me or are all my blog posts getting longer and longer?)

While being in the club I ran into him again and I was like 'hey!' and he grabs my face and plants a big kiss on my lips. Fortunately no tongue (thank gahd) but it was sweet anyways. His friend whom I previously hadn't met introduced himself to me. I don't remember his name either. I'm horrible I know. Anywho I had no interest either in that guy and was not interested in chatting in the middle of the hallway so I calmly and confidently grabbed his arm, looked him in the eyes and seductively said 'It was nice meeting you, I'll see you around' or something to that effect. He looked at me for a second and then we parted ways. By the end of the night the boy who kissed me walked past me without a shirt on and grabbed my ass. Bex is around when all this is happening but is much to drunk too notice anything. Not that she cared or anything now that I've shared my happy moments with her.
bad footage inside the club, I promise to get a new phone soon [no sound] 

BTW... during the drag show they try to engage the audience by telling the gays to make noise, then the lesbians and so on and so forth. Anywho when it came time to make some noise for the bi guys, I did... but more noticeably so did a very HOTT guy near me. He actually attracted the attention of the host/MC and the spotlight was put on him. Ash and Bex was talking to him after the show and I was telling Bex how Hott I though he was. She agreed... she was enamored and we both agreed that the fact that he was bi made him seem hotter than if he was fully gay or fully straight. I told her that he could do something for me and do something for her... and then she so drunkly yelled 'threesome!' Omg... I had to play sitter in the last hour to two. They got past the point of it being fun anymore so I left the club without dancing. I prob would have gotten raped by Mr.Kissme. Probably.

I ended the night with getting fast food for my girls and heading home. They went out like a light and since I was still wired from the two red bulls and two cups of coffee... I stayed up to chat again with Mr.Aussie. I very much enjoy my chats with him and telling him about my night. He lives a very interesting life out there in Australia and I'm always game on doing new things. This year will be better for me and I plan on riding this new year buzz out for as long as I can. Todays plans.. recover, rehydrate... and exercise... I've got a beach body somewhere and I need to find it.

Oh and I totally got a hook up last night for a tanning salon called Sandy bottoms tanning salon... which is owned by a friend of mine he said would give me the hook up. Scorez! Ttyl boys and girls... I should prob hit the showers.

Love B♂bby


  1. Bobby: What a fun night for all of you. Drinks, flirting with guys, and not one drama with Bex, hey, that was different from previous nights out drinking . . . maybe this new year stuff is working after all. I love that you got hit on by multiple guys, they must see the same attraction I see with you. :-)

  2. Hmm.. This Mr Aussie guy sounds really familiar, and he sounds very much like a really nice guy! :)

    I wonder who he could be! :P And you bought a cam just to cam with him? He told me that he feels very special that you did that! Now to hold onto your promises for the New Year's. ;)

    It was GREAT chatting to you.