01 January 2011

Day 1

My New years resolution: To get started on my path. What path? Well right now I'm a semi socially inept awkward depressed blogger boy who falls into lust all to easily. What I want to be is a confident, fit, happy blogger who blogs as a way to share his life rather than blog to live it. Long story short... I want next year to be about doing. 2011 will be a DO year.

Last night Mr.V, Bex and I rang in the new year with a free for all threesome. Lol We went to town on pizza and three bottles of Champagne. We also broke into a supply of pineapple jack rum which was oh so good. We started early and our drinking ended promptly at midnight so I'm feelin great right now. The three of us had fun couch dancing, listening to an ipod on shuffle and watching the rockin eve on mute. I was on my best behavior yesterday so I did keep my paws to myself. It was hard to keep my thoughts to myself but I'm learning. I was talking to Mr.V about my ❤ for Brandon Lewis and how I admire his 'bi-ness' and turned to Bex and said "yeah he's bi bc he likes guys and supposedly likes girls... like me'. Then I freaked out and apologized and magically it rolled off Bex's back. I thought to myself... 'fuck there goes my night'. Fortunately everything went without a hitch.

I woke up this morning as hungry as hell! Hungry in all sense of the word. I had jacked it to fall asleep initially and when I woke up to a hard on... I had to take care of myself again since Bex was too tired... and Mr.V would have pressed charges ;) He is soo cute I love hanging out with him. Whatever I think I'm still drunk. (I'm just blaming it on the alcohol.) Bex is out with Ms. Ashley right now, spendin my money. I thought about joining them on their day out, but it's important that Bex gets her girl time. Right now... I'm going to finish this blog post, brush my teeth and head to the gym. I've got some pecks to define and some chub to lose.

Today is the first day of the new Year and I'm feelin good. 

Love and I really do mean Love


  1. hmm.. is that all u did on New Year's Day?

  2. Bobby: I'm already liking the "new" you; if you stick to keeping a positive attitude, things should work out or you will find a way to cope better. I hope 2011 is the year you make a break thru on your bi cravings. Perhaps not a total solution, just as long as you make progress instead of spiraling into the same same funk.

  3. Oh and I talked to Aussie whom you will all learn about soon. I like the new me so far too... I've got tons of stuff to talk about so keep on the look out boys ;)