28 January 2011

Elastic love

Howdy boys and girls. I went out today and reflecting back on my day it was pretty nice. I spent most of it in a mood but I was able to gradually work through it and now I'm back on top. I ended up buying a new pair of undies and they fit me to a T. I'm not talkin bout size... have a look. I'm gonna wear them on Valentines day under my new gap jeans. (The ones that I tried on in the picture on my last post.)

I'm getting back into creative drawing doodling and painting. I'm discovering that besides my blog I need an outlet that is creative and more physical than writing. The other day I woke up swirling in an abyss of sadness fear and regret and instead of turning to my computer, I opened my sketchpad and drew something lame. It helped though! Today while out I almost bought some canvas and paint, but I'm going to wait till my inspiration levels are a little higher. I did find an art print in the home decor section of the store that I was at which made my heart flutter. I like it but not for $60 bucks. I'm gonna try to recreate it.

I'm spending the rest of the weekend inside my apartment. Call me a recluse or anti social, but I just don't feel like being social. I spent all last week feeling terrible bc I got drunk, blacked out and groped Ms. Ash. I have not seen her since so I don't know how she feels about the whole thing. I feel like an Ass, especially bc I wasn't in control at the time. At first I laughed it off but afterwards I realized that I crossed a line and embarrassed Bex. I'm thankful that Mr.V left before I ended up forcing him to use his rape whistle. I get the feeling though that maybe just maybe he won't blow the whistle. Now I'm just wishful thinking.

I have a lot of good friends to write back or call back but I'm not finding the motivation to do so. I will, but I'm not willing to share myself right now. I'm at a point where I'm struggling on a daily basis with everything, but fortunately I've been finding some inner strength to not be completely defeated. I have to man up I'm just being a bitch right now. I think that I need to go back to going to the gym daily and find some inner peace or something. I'll ttyl guys, be good I plan on being naughty and hopefully find a way to center myself. I may need to break out BL who knows? :) biiiiii!


  1. Bobby: Yes, BL will put you in your place and the proper frame of mind. :-)

    That's some mighty fancy undies you got to surprise Bex for 2/14 - what else are you planning to celebrate your day of love?

    I can understand why you want some "me" time to unwind.

  2. Although you only let us see snippet of you in your photos, I'm pretty sure the nape of your neck would smell amazing.