23 January 2011

Coffee for 1

I'm starting off the morning with Coffee for one and blogging by the window to watch the sun rise. I've missed mornings and being the night shifter that I am, mornings are seldom appreciated, so today is a real treat for me. I'm making small changes in my life to become more independent of Bex because certain things are not working out for me as it is.

Friday night was wine night and I had our friend Ms. Ashley over. I had not planned to get completely wasted on wine but whoa and behold I did end up blacking out. Fortunately it was in my own apartment and everyone was safe. Mr.V made an appearance and despite what everyone says, I did behave myself although I did tweet some very naughty things to him. Apparently I also manhandled and groped Ms. Ashley's boobs which I vaguely remember. I was conscious most of the night but when I woke up in my bedroom just wearing jeans... I was like 'oh shit.' I'm going to have to start registering every time I move. [Warning: When intoxicated I will molest you if I find you attractive]. I told Bex after apologizing that I need to have gift baskets for everyone when they come and visit... ones that include rape whistles. Bex told me that I was talking to Ashley, giving her graphic details about my cock size with full hand gestures and everything. Totally don't remember that, how did we get on that subject! lol.

such a horn dog and yes... I would rock his world.
Mr. V was a good sport though. He's adorable and left just in time because I was getting friskier by the minute. We met up again the next day (Saturday) and Bex him and I went out for lunch/dinner. We went to a burger place called 5 guys and we had a lot of fun. Afterward the three of us had coffee at starbucks. Naturally the conversation always goes to my favorite subject... me, and the two of them had some fun at my expense. Mr. V is a real great guy, him and Bex were talking about helping me go through my issues and being my support system. It's good to know that he reads my blogs and would communicate with Bex if I was doing something that I'm not supposed to. It's comforting to know that he cares.

I f*ing love hanging out with the three of us. I like to think that that's how it's supposed to be... with three people, but I realize that ultimately it's not easy. Love between two people is hard enough already, throwing a third person into the mix can possibly get complicated. I thought to myself during my drunken afterhaze that I'm behaving like a little boy sometimes and I think that I've not gotten a lot of things through my system. I'm glad that I've yet to do something to totally ruin my marriage and that I have time to work this shit out. Mr.V reminded me that most women would not put up with the stuff that Bex has put up with, and for that I must be humbled and remember that she loves me, for better or worse.

[TMI] Bex and I had sex after Mr.V left the apartment. It was fantastic to feel connected with her again. We cuddled and I smiled. I have a renewed sense of hope and determination for some resolve. Now if you excuse me I'm going to watch the sun rise, make some soup and jack off to some good old fashion gay porn. TTYLz


  1. Bobby: Soup for breakfast? Since you are going to JO how about producing some "cream" for my coffee? I like it thick and sweet. ;-)

  2. Only the sweetest cream for you FoC :) No soup for breakfast, slow cooker soup for later. I'm writing you back as we speak but I'm a slow writer so it may be later today that I actually send it... you know... the porn is distracting XD.

  3. Bobby: A hot coffee sounds good on a cold morning, the aroma of the beans as the steam wafts across the cup, then stir in a some cream and a little sweetener, sip it, while spending time with you, that would be an ideal break from the normal, daily grind of life.

  4. Pretty sure you ended up talking to me instead. :P

  5. Bobby: I'm willing to give up some quality time to Aaron because he is such a sweet cutie!