09 January 2011

just an update

Hello sexy boys and naughty girls. It's been a bit and I missed you terribly. It seems like I haven't gotten a moment to myself in a long while. My entire last week was filled with work that was very much balls to the wall. I've never ran around and sweat so much at a job before. Needless to say that I've been physically and mentally busy. I checked myself out in the mirror the other day while wearing my now too big 2xist boxer briefs and I felt great. My body is starting to shape up and it makes me happy. I'm starting to thin out in the areas that need thinning and firm up in the spots that need firming. Speaking of which, it's way too late now... but I got to do some more weight lifting. My arms look great.

I gathered the courage to finally open the harness that I had purchased online and put my toy on the end of it. The straps were really nice and putting it on made me feel all sorts of naughty. I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little intimidated by that big boy. I of course have yet to use it. I can't wait and I'm super excited but Bex has been on my ass about spending time with her and of course that leaves me no time to play solo. I got all hot and bothered today to screw her. We flirted all day, while making breakfast, having coffee, while we cleaned... it was like foreplay without the touching. I was all geared up to have a long session of sex (bc it's been 2 weeks!!!! and I just wanted to make it last forever) but my work called me in. It totally ruined my night. I showered and dreaded shoveling snow off my car to slip and slide into work. I got all dressed, packed my lunch and was called again to tell me that I wasn't needed after all. Bex never got back into the mood. I don't want her to know, but it really made me upset that we never got busy tonight.

Bex, Ashley and I had a night in Friday night. We ordered a pizza and had wine. It was odd and I don't usually like wine but I managed to find something I could sip and enjoy. I had tons of fun just joking around and opening up a little with Ashley. Fortunately I kept my hands to myself although at one point I did get hard while sitting between Ashley and Bex on the couch. The laptop made a good cover. Like a dummy bc I had been drinking I thought I could do as I pleased and checked my emails and fb messages in front of Bex. She inadvertently glanced down at the screen and saw something that made her upset... what a surprise right? You would think that by now I would have learned my lesson. jeez. I'm spending the rest of the weekend  to try to mend her hurt feelings or whatever.

Maybe tomorrow Bex and I will go out for lunch or dinner with Mr.V? It's up to him, he really wanted to hang out tonight but work ruined it... as usual. Maybe tomorrow I'll get lucky but I dunno. I hope so. At this point I'm a little annoyed that we or I keep missing opportunities to do it. Sounds childish I know. Oh I found a therapist that I have confidence in and I'm going to call soon to start treatment. It says on her profile that she does deal with Gay/Lesbian issues... so I'm pretty happy bout that. Oh I gotta go... Mr. Aussie is online and I promised to talk to him this weekend... ttyl!


  1. Bobby: Let's see some picts of you and your harness holding "BL". ;-)

  2. me holding BL... maybe sometime soon. The package only says 8 inches but OMG that boy is a monster. Maybe if I'm feeling frisky later today i'll take some pics. We will see FoC.

  3. Bobby: You can do it, just take your time, use lots of lube, and slowly open up for BL, ahhhh, that feeling of popping your cherry . . . so very hot!