26 January 2011

me time! OMFG yes!

Boys and girls I am on the road to happiness. I had my first appointment with my therapist yesterday. After my initial nerves subsided I found myself ecstatically happy with my choice for therapists. I felt comfortable and like I could open up and surprisingly I learned a lot from this first visit. I left feeling confident about my future and about myself which was refreshing because sometimes I can lose hope.

Bex is so sweet
I'm having coffee for one again, just me the computer, a cup of coffee and the calm morning. It's good that I establish little rituals and have some me time. Bex and I resolved that me time is important as long as I carve out some time for her. We're making little changes to our schedule so I can afford to have that extra time. Lately I've felt that if I'm not at work I'm with her and as good as that sounds, my soul needs some time for me to be alone.

I woke up thinking about boys and boys like Brandon Lewis. Ok Honestly I woke up wondering what the hell I was doing awake and flailed around in bed, but after my thoughts settled... I thought about boys. I like boys (duh) and I <3 looking at them. I've always received such a thrill from looking at them. Images like these always sends my heart racing. Oh and boys with classic good looks like this.... yum. I remember being young and spending hour upon hour at some random department store (I don't know why but this memory sticks to me.) I would spend forever in the mens underwear section just admiring the men in the hanes display. I remember the faceless muscular bodies showing the different cuts of undies. Come to think about it... wtf was I doing by myself in that section for so long!? I've got a parent or two to yell at.

Wait, I had a point to my last paragraph I just don't remember what it was? I guess I wanted to reminisce and be lusty at the same time. The more I look back and study what I did and what I thought about when I was younger, the more signs point to me being at the least bisexual. I'm not going to dwell too much on the signs caught all too late but it's interesting. Later on today there will be a rerun on Tyra about 'straight' guys who do gay porn. Bex and I are going to watch it. Hope I see some boys that I recognize, but who knows.
I bought pants that day

Dude...dressing rooms are fun. Too bad we're not adventurous enough to actually do anything inside a dressing room. Am I the only one who fantasizes about screwing in one? I bet giving a guy a quickie blow job in one wouldn't be that hard... especially if you and your guy friend look like just friends or frat boys. Ugh I'm lusting.

I got to chat with Mr.Aussie the other day instead of looking at gay porn. It was a good trade off. I missed chatting with him and we both caught each other which was great. He had been busy with the flood evacuations and I had been swamped with work. That boy is always nice to talk to and maybe one day I think it'll be exciting to meet him in person, whether it be in the US or in Australia. I could use some sun surf and fun nights.

Todays plans: to ponder and reflect and spend quality time with Bex... not just time. Hopefully watch tyra, get some rest and ship off to work. We're expecting snow, maybe I'll be a lucky dog, get snowed in and screw my gorgeous wife. That is... get lucky if I'm lucky. I hope to be talking to you later Boys and girls.


  1. Bobby: I'm glad your session went well. Looking at boys is fun, but will you ever get the OK to touch one?

    Don't get caught doing naughty things in the dressing room. Looks like in your little pict you are about to play with your package.

  2. I wanna sniff the jeans in your photo.

  3. boys ;D lol. I have a newer set of pics, but I'll save those for my next blog post.

  4. I am glad I'm mentioned in the post. I thought you've forgotten about me in between perving on all those dirty pics. :P I am glad I am thought about. ;)

    I hope you're well and thinking of me! :P

  5. lol Mr.Aussie, I think about you more than I like to let on ;)