18 January 2011

tease time

I soooooo wanna blog right now but my day is caaarazzy hectic! I had the funnest sexiest gay dream filled with gay/bi porn stars! OMG when I woke up I was devastated that it was a dream. More on this later ;) I gotta hit the showers and take my sweet ass to work.

ttyl boys and girls


  1. Bobby: Hmm, let me guess, was Brandon Lewis in your dream?

  2. Why don't you post a pic or two of your ass, and we'll be the judges of whether it's sweet or not.

    Perhaps even a taste test is in order.

  3. I second that, anonymous. I had a bi dream about dp-ing a girl with another guy. Ever wonder about that scenario?

  4. @Foc: yeah he sure was!
    @Anonymous: Don't tempt me! I just may ;)
    @Pseudoblogger: Wonder?! The instant that I first saw that it was added to my sexual bucket list! I was like "oh wow.. I gotta do that at least once!"