18 February 2011

camera phone pics

my 'straight' boy undies
retarded knees

lol I wish
a self portrait


  1. Bobby: Yeah! Where is your package? Must have been cold that morning, your scrotum got sucked back into your body to keep your tadpoles warm.

    Here's something light and cute to watch:


  2. lol! They are a size large and I wear size small undies... so it was there...suction cupped to my body. lolz... oh and I posted a 4th pic (the self portrait)

  3. Bobby: I see that you added one, and it's got a cute little anchor tattoo. That must be a wish item cause I don't see it the pictures.

    What's the significance of an anchor? It is symbolic of wanting something to hold you down or a remembrance of past experience?

    And I hope in your self portrait, you are smiling. :-)

  4. FoC, that how to wrap a cat for christmas video was so cute ;) Thanks for sharing. Now that you mention it, Anchors are very masculine, most sailors get Anchor tattoos. Maybe it's my wish to be kind of sluttly like a sailor, bc we all know that they go from port to port XD.

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