17 February 2011

Hi I'm Bobby

You already know, but I just wanted to say Hi. I purposely disconnected from my blog, facebook, twitter and well the internet for the last couple of days. My mental state has gone from turbulent to calm to tumultuous and I don't think it's very flattering to be so mood swingy and so back and forth. I'm back now and I'm not giving up just yet, but I am making some changes in my life. I've got some really good posts to write and when I find the time soon, I'll shoot them up there.

To my friends who I didn't write back, don't worry I'll get to writing you back, especially you FoC I got your email you sweet man.

I'm here half queer and I'm not going anywhere! Blog to you later guys and girls.

1 comment:

  1. Bobby: I was so worried when there was no peep from you. Just as long as you are safe and sound is what matters.