26 February 2011

pop couture

OMFG you guys... the strangest thing happens every time I hear 'Hey Baby' by Pittbull [video]. I get soo freakin turned on. I pop a woody on the way to work while I blast it in my car. I've never thought that pitbull was Hottt (3t's) but there is something about his voice and the way that he sings the 'la la la la part'. I believe and I may just be making this up, but the way my tongue moves while I'm singing along makes me all sorts of crazy. The very subtle and repeated motion makes me think of going down on girls and about boys who rimmm (3 m's for added effect ). I've never really been on the receiving end of the back door kisses, but the thought of them is a complete and utter turn on! I fantasize about some young hunk going to town and munching on my bum, like all the time.

Much like that song, my life is a whirlwind of being turned on, strange noises and lol moments. (Watch the music video... it's too funny.) Bex and I are at it again, this time I don't mean fighting either. It seems like our dry spell fortunately is over and we've been having sex more often. We've even been taking long steamy showers together, almost every other day. I love my sexy showers with Bex and it gets me in the flirty mood which is fantastic. I'm finding that maybe just maybe if I can let myself go then I can have a wild time with Bex and not get so hung up on the fact that I think of Brandon Lewis almost 24/7.

Actually that's a thick fat bulging hott lie. I don't think about him 24/7 but he has become my goto guy. You know, the thought/image/fantasy that gets you off hands down without a doubt. I ♥❤♥ his sexy body, smile and his overall personality and would probably shoot my load if I ever bumped into him at a club. *Here's to hoping that never happens. (I can already see Mr.V rolling his eyes while reading this.)

Oh and I said my life was a whirlwind because it quite literally has become one. It seems that I have something going on every single day and unfortunately my blog and internet friends have taken a back seat. :( Mega frowny face. I've just been dying to post or write people back but I'm always coming and going. I'm trying to figure out a way to hook my phone up so I can mobile blog that way I just work my blog into my life and visa versa. I'll get there, it'll just take me some time. I did however get a new router/modem thing and now I'll be able to skype with Mr.Aussie without having to call him back every 2 minutes. Looking forward to it too... Mr. Aussie.

I've been better. I'm happy to report that therapy is allowing me to manage the drama that is my life a little better than before. Long time readers know that I often ride the mental roller coaster of drama, sex and arguments... but now it's better. Now my life just seems like a Carousel. I enjoy it, appreciate it and am still able to walk around while riding it without losing my balance too often. I'm taking a vow of chastity (NO JK.. JK!) I'm taking a vow to fill my life with the things I love (Like Oprah. lol jk). Obviously I'm indulging in Bex a little more, but I'm also pursing art, traveling (coughs @ Mr.Aussie), photography and being f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s. (Now my - key is broken.) Oh and since I can't get with a porn star.. I will at least have a porn stars body so I'm pushing my efforts into that. Long story short... I'm finding that handsome devil inside me... that will guide me into the future.

Does anyone think T-pain sounds like a goose sometimes? Oh boys and girls... It's pushing 5am.. my bedtime. I'm going to sleep now but I'll be up in a few and if I'm still strong willed... I'll hit the gym. I'm going to keep my mind in the gutter for now, good morning y'all.



  1. Bobby: The future is looking brighter as therapy seems to help you cope better. You'll have to post what suggestions and techniques are working for you.

    I think if you ever meet BL in person, you'll be too awe struck to try anything. But bring a mop to wipe up all your drool. :-)

  2. I would need a really strong friend to hold me back and keep me from dropping to my knees ;)