18 February 2011

sexy smile

Tonight may be the last night I spend with my friend Mr.V. He's finally shipping off to Florida and I'm super excited for him. My feelings towards him leaving are bitter sweet because I'm going to miss him dearly but I also know that he needs to move on with his life and start living. I'm super happy that it finally worked out for him to transfer his job down there and now he gets to escape middle of nowhere, USA. Alas we never hooked up (but you never knowwww hehe ) I'm just being awful.

I'm so horny right now which is a wonderful thing because I was starting to worry. I've not wanted to have sex, jerk off or look at porn, let alone think about men or women. I can't even remember the last time I had sex or took care of myself in the shower, it must have been a month or so. I know that Bex has been threatening my life and walks around the house like some kind of sexed up cat... just waiting to pounce on whatever opportunity she could find. I'm lucky that she doesn't have a penis or else I probably would have woken up someday being pinned down and grabbing the sheets for dear life. I think that the wacked out sex drive that I have is finally starting to come back. I'm spending whatever little unwind time looking at Manhunt, Varsity male and rounding it out with checking twitter for Brandon Lewis pics. I'm gonna fantasize and probably lay down to sleep.

I've becoming more and more aware of how gay I really am. Obviously I'm not 50/50 bi but if I had to put a number to it right now I'd say 70/30? When it comes down to it, I still can't say 'I'm gay' and have it feel 100% real. I still really enjoy having sex with my wife and get me around the right girls and I'll go haywire with lust and an inability to stop staring. I don't want to play that up either, I just think that my interest for women is fleeting and I'm less interested for the time being. When I say 'I'm straight' I can't help but feel like lolz and instantly feel like I should rinse my mouth out with soap for saying such a thing. The way I see myself is evolving and I'm pretty sure it's a good thing. *Martha Stewart would say so.

Today will be a good day and tonight will be fun. Mr.V and I are going out doing whatever and celebrating his move to Florida and towards happiness. Hopefully this means that I have a visit to Florida to look forward to, if he'll have me. I've already kind of invited myself to visit him and pray that theres a beach to run around wearing cute undies in. Shoot, I've got to go to sleep if I want to wake up rested and hang out with my buddy Mr.V... can't be too raccoon eyed. TTYL, I've got some hot young stud to jerk off to.



  1. Bobby: It's sad saying goodbye, especially since Mr. V is part of your gay network. Hopefully you will stay in contact and can meet up again in sunny Florida. Now you have a reason to visit and should you have to share a bed while staying with him . . . ooops, I should not give away the fantasy.

    After you get over your sadness, use this as the motivator to seek out more and new bi and gay friends.

    As for dual interests, I would not try to lend %s to them; since you are bi, it probably depends heavily on the situation (i.e., how hot the participants are). Just go with the flow rather than trying to resist all the time.

  2. well put Mr.FoC. Mr.V is my gay network lol... and it's leaving!!! :( but it's ok I need to mingle more and find other boys to hang out with.

  3. maybe you'll find one at the gym. :)