06 March 2011

Gaga is rockin [quicky]

Anybody else see how fucking hott Lady Gaga is in her latest video? OMFG I sat down and watched it with Bex and I was drooling by the end of it. If I wasn't dancing in my seat to the techno beat, I would have sworn I was completely straight. Quite literally I was not able to say a damn thing during the entire song and I'm pretty sure I was holding my breath. Damn, never thought that would happen. My lust for women is very passive but this encounter with Gaga surprised the shit out of me. It's a great song too (goes without saying) but her body is a rockin.

Check it out here [Video]

I love that song so very much and one of the things that I like the most about it (besides everything) is that she includes bisexuals and trans-gendered people. She gets the full LGBT spectrum in there.

I often struggle with how much my sexuality is part of my identity and I think it's because I'm divided on how I feel about it. I don't want to have my sexuality be my main identifier or what people know me for, but I feel that there is an increased need for bi-visibility. I want the world to know that I'm bi and that bisexuals exist (even if they're leaning towards one side, like I often do) but I don't want that to be the only thing that people see when they see me.

Today I see me indulging Bex on her every desire. I will focus all my power today on pleasing her, flirting, teasing and having my way with her. Good morning and good night ;) I'll be having a good one.


  1. You are an absolute trip....enjoy what's left of the weekend

  2. I love the song too, although I can identify the similarity with Express Yourself. But I love that song too, so for me, its a bonus.

    Its just a really uplifting piece of art. Who cares if it wasn't as succesful as people thought it would be. I just know I love balling out when I hear it in a club.

  3. Bobby: Being bi certainly is a part of you but it doesn't have to define you in every way. You are way more than just your sexual identity. Sometimes you just have to say "This is me, Bobby" and leave off all the labels.