09 March 2011

Simple me date

From this last Saturday, I hit up the bookstore, a home interior store, Michaels and Starbucks.


  1. Bobby: Have you ever noticed how big hands you have? What's the saying about guys with big hands? Or was that big feet?

    If you are a fan of Seinfeld, you know Jerry dumped a gal because of her "man hands" -- you have very manly hands! :-)

  2. lol you're adorable FoC. They only look big in pictures, I believe I have normal sized hands with thinner fingers... but i'll let Mr.V be the judge of that ;)

  3. Bobby: That thumb of yours is huge! Perhaps Mr. V will let you probe a little with that thing before you plunge in full force with "little Bobby"?

  4. yeah, I liked it too. It reminds me that maybe just maybe you may mean a whole lot to someone, more than you originally thought.