24 April 2011

Copy cat

Hi everyone! I would like to sincerely apologize for being on hiatus for so long. I suddenly became engulfed in work and I had to put several things on hold because of it. Sex, blogging, painting and relaxing took a backseat :-( . I kid you not, I had been working since Tuesday of two weeks ago. Twice I worked a 13 hour shift!

Ok, enough bitching about work. Moving forward >> They say that imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery; well yesterday I found myself to be a complete and utter copy cat. I have 24 hours to myself so I spent several of them yesterday shopping. I hit all my favorite stores looking for unique clothes and ended up buying a tee from buckle and some o' Neil board shorts.

I had long been inspired by this picture to buy some cute stylish swim wear, I ended up getting almost a carbon copy instead. I generally like to be inspired by fashion trends, not copy them but I looked so good in them! I like how clean and casual they look. I'm definitely going to go to the pool this summer and strut my stuff whether anyone is looking or not.

While in buckle I was drawn and fixated to one shirt in particular. I was looking for a new tee in a new color that had some pep in it. I tried several on but I fell in lust with this one. I ended up buying it and then shortly after realized where I had seen this shirt logo and color before. I'm a down right copy cat.

My legs are kicken right now! I work in a large building so when I need something on the other side of the building more often then not I run to get where I'm going. My legs have always been nice but they are beginning to firm up and thicken. I really have felt a burn lately...well everywhere and it feels good.

I wanted to talk about my drunken steamy nights while Bex was away some more but I'll save that for a second post because I hate cramming so much into one post. Lets just say I'm making peace with some ugly truths.

[warning Mr.V! Skip this paragraph] Monday when Bex got back we had sex, lots of it. She missed me and had to have me right away. We were both in a playful mood and we got our groove on. She came as usual which isn't hard for her but sometimes doesn't happen for me every time. That day I decided to stick with it after she came and worked at getting off. When I did get off and went into a world of bliss I realized that I wasn't done and that I wanted more. I started pounding her again, much to her surprise and came a second time. It put a big fucking smirk on my face. I hope that I can repeat that trick in the future.

Having Bex back has been nice. Our break apart helped clear the air of the black cloud surrounding my lusty ways. We've been really good to each other and so far things have not gone back to being terrible all the time. I think we both realized how important mental space is. She's leaving again on Tuesday for Oregon and I'm going to be a faux bachelor for longer...this time it's a whole week including weekend :D. Let's see what trouble I can get into this time. [more on that later]

My mind is crazy so thanks for sticking to reading my blog. I hope to find some way to pour my heart and soul out in a more tangible way so I can really reach all of you guys (and few girls). (No I'm not talking my own line of sex toys or solos of me jacking it) I want to share myself in a more dynamic way. I have yet to come up with a solution but I'm working on it.

It's been great jotting this down finally! Stay tuned for another post soon (maybe by Wednesday) about windows naked boys and integrity (or lack thereof). For now I'm going. My day today will be filled with projects and much needed R&R. Ttyl boys and girls.


  1. Bobby: Your beach body is coming along, you got the board shorts and the t-shirt, you need some flip flops and some good sun block, then you are ready to reveal your yummy body.

    It's not surprising that BL would be your model of choice to copy. :-)

    Being single and unsupervised for a whole week will be a new feeling for you but since you enjoyed the last time so much, I doubt you will be bored or lonely.

  2. If you get bored you could always...

  3. @Lex Oh I KNOW! :D I've been fighting that all week, but now the wifey will be away! Um...so yeah. Lol

  4. Three post ago you said:

    Omfg! I have tons of stuff to write about...I'm just bursting at the seams! I will ttylz everybody, I promise!

    I'm afraid I'm going to have to hold you to your promise......

    What happened? What amazing stuff made you burst at the seams?