08 April 2011

Day two cum quickly!

It's such a beautiful morning! This entire weekend is supposed to be warm and sunny, can't think of better weather to relax in. It's day two of being a bachelor and although I miss Bex, the airspace is fantastic! I feel like I can breathe, is it because she's not here or because that bisexual cloud isn't hanging over my head? I do miss her though.

So work did end up making me work most of this weekend. I have a 'it's not mandatory but if you don't work we won't like you very much' situations. Whatever. Still clubbing with Party girl on Saturday. Listening to pop music, eating some cereal and drinking my coffee. Wish I had some more time before running to work in half an hour. Speaking of which I have to hit the showers.

Have a great day everybody, I'm off to buff and scrub myself down and pretend I'm in some locker room somewhere ;) TTYL!

P.S. I have a twitter account with twit pic and I'm going to use it more than posting pictures on this blog, just cause it's more convenient.

My planned club 'outfit'
Breakfast on the porch!

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  1. Bobby: Have a good time! Smile for the camera next time.