16 April 2011

In the bedroom

Hi! So much to write about, so little time! This chair is calling my name, begging me to sit down and write a blog, paint, or just sit and stare at the sunshine...but I cannot :(. Unfortuately I work all weekend long and amassing 120 hours of work. Omfg! I have tons of stuff to write about...I'm just bursting at the seams! I will ttylz everybody, I promise!

Ps join me on twitter for more updates from me... I tweet as often as I hit on brandon lewis and all my mr's. You know... Just in case you miss me in between blog posts ;-)


Pps I just came... Twice.


  1. Bobby: Oh you tease! You came twice and no details? You naughty boy, I can just imagine what's going on, altho I'm sure the real story is more interesting. :-)

    While you are working very hard, we are thinking of you. Count your blessings that you have so much work while others are still struggling.

  2. Really?!? That's not fair at all, babe. I'm gonna need sone substance and soon. ;)