09 April 2011


Did I ever mention Mr.P90X? I guess that he's completely escaped mention in my blog, hmm. Let me give you some background before I dive right into him. (I mean dive right into it.) Mr. P90X is an ex coworker who was always the nicest guy. He's also a mans man. Bi that I mean that he was very fair, balanced, a rowdy country boy, he got angry but only when it was necessary and always had manners. This guy is someone who I always respect and looked up towards just because he symbolized what I thought was a normal good guy. He also had a body that was tight! He wasn't ripped but he did P90X every single day and he's hardcore into sex with chicks. (Or sex in general but that's a conversation Party girl and I have that goes to nowhere because we can only fantasize.) Partygirl and him have done it and she swears that he fucks like a pornstar and is hung like no other.

Trust me after I found that out it was hard to work with him. I didn't help that I actually admired him for just being a dude. Him and I always had small talk about family, holidays and football even though I had no clue what I was talking about.

Mr. P90X and I were in his backyard tossing around  a football. I suddenly realized that we were in the middle of nowhere and if he was interested in boys (Like Partygirl and me theorize because theres some fishy stuff in his history with other male coworkers.) that he could have me right then and there. I guess he must have read the look in my eyes because he playfully tackled me. Before I knew it I had somehow rolled on top of him and started making out with him! He murmerd something like 'Oh I've been wanting this for a while.' and continued to make out and grind up against me. Not only was I being kissed but I was also being dry humped! OMG the way his lips tasted, the way my whole body just melted on top of his.

And that's about the time that I woke up! OMFG! I'm going back to sleep right now in attempt to regain some of that fantasy! How dare my body betray me?! My latest sex dreams... have sports of some sort in them and of course... sex with men. But if you notice it always is innocent atleast. No rimming or being screwed, just tackled or making out... wtf. Oh Mr. P90X I hope we hang out sometime soon and that when we do I can completely forget about this dream and you can't read the look in my eyes. We don't work together anymore as of last month, guess I just missed him.


  1. Bobby: Oh you had me going there with anticipation that this was real. You should allow your dreams to dare what you cannot do in real life, just to give you a mental orgasm. You continue to surprise us with new insights.

  2. You had me going too. I thought you & Mr. P90X would be running off to workoutland together. Btw P90X works! I'm at day 30.