30 April 2011

relaxing for once

I spent most of today on the internet, some way or another. Texting boys, bex, skyping, checking my email, updating my blog, it took my entire day from me. It was really sunny today and I got to bask in the sun in the walk between my apartment and the gym. That was fun and I'm making a promise to myself to disconnect tomorrow.

My plans for tomorrow after waking up is to go to starbucks, enjoy a coffee for one and then maybe go to a park. I will Sit on a bench and watch a river flow by and watch tree's sway from side to side. There's some nature that needs to be connected to. I've also got some soul searching to do and being in my apartment on manhunt daily is not getting me anywhere but hot and bothered.

I'm making an effort for my soul to emerge myself further in my passions (and I don't mean some hot hunks ass). I love writing which is my forte (at least I think so), and take painting more seriously. Up until now it's been crap that I've done in moments of boredom or wanting time away from Bex, now I'm serious. For my birthday this upcoming week, Bex and I are going to the arts and craft store and buying some big canvases and other art stuff. One thing that I'm researching now is how to draw and paint on my computer. I'm a big fan of blogs like books of Adam and would love to be able to sketch, draw and create.

I'm having a glass of wine, watching scrubs and enjoying the mellow night. I just showered, feel great and smell great and looking forward to the morning. It's very rare for me to have a night like this, even when I'm alone so... enjoy it I will. I will ttyl boys. Good night and good morning.

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  1. Bobby: You have to share your birthday with all of us so we can shower you with well wishes on the correct date. Tomorrow sounds like a chill day -- you deserve it after working so many hours recently.