07 April 2011

Sunny weekend

Hi! Just wanted to say hello. I just dropped Bex off at the airport for her weekend trip to Chicago. This will be the first time that Bex and I spend more than a couple of hours apart. I don't want to say that I'm over the moon about my weekend to myself, but I'm pretty stoked. I'm listening to this... shirtless, blogging and dancing around my apartment. I will miss her but this will be new for me.

I have to go to sleep soon because my sleep was cut down to 3 hours since I had to take Bex to the airport. (I've got a 10 hour shift in 5 hours) Hopefully I can go back to sleep but i'm too busy pretending I'm a bachelor. I'm hoping my boyfriend Brandon Lewis can lull me to sleep after I jerk of to whatever porn of his I can find. I'm preying that I have off from work this Saturday, Party Girl and I will be doing lunch and then the gay club. It's prob been since Thanksgiving that I went out the gay club. I'm gonna be a good boy but I'm not lying, I'm probably going to get my flirt on.

So at Therapy I'm making some breakthroughs or at least understanding some undeniable truths about myself and my situation, but I'll go into that later... for now it's happy times. I've got a busy weekend in front of me with work, drinking myself silly, partying and forgetting about the roller coaster ride of my marriage. Oh and blogging, mustn't forget about blogging! I'll actually have time for that, so expect me to blow up your phone or device that you read my blog on. ;) Well I'm going to get my groove on with my portable device now ;) Ttyl boys and girls.


  1. Bobby: This little break will give you a teeny-tiny preview of what it may be like to be single again. Don't have too much fun because you may not want to return. ;-)

  2. Hey, where did the photos go?