08 May 2011

Best day ever!

Good morning everyone! I spent all day yesterday being completely spoiled by everyone. Yesterday was my birthday and could have been possibly the best day of the year so far. Fortunately I got the rest of the weekend off from work, there was some possibility of having to work through the weekend, but I got it off. I got it off too because after our fantastic day yesterday, Bex and I got intimate and it was incredible.

It had been a while since we had sex and since I actually felt like the sex was good and that I actually cared about it, well last night I felt hopeful once again that our marriage would last. Sex was nice, it was sweet and I really cared about connecting with Bex in that way, it was refreshing.

That Bex, she spoiled me yesterday. She gave me a bday card that she bought while visiting Oregon and it brought tears to my eyes. What she wrote on it was so sweet and the card was a perfect fit because I'm over the moon about owls. The graphic design elements were me to a T. We went out to lunch dinner... linner as we call it.. to a steakhouse and I had my first bacon wrapped steak. I felt like a little man with my big ass steak and my raspberry margarita. LOL I had to gay it up... (Not that gay men don't  eat steaks... I'm just being ridiculous that's all.) After that we went to the arts and crafts store to my hearts delight and then went shopping... again! I ended up buying a pair of work shoes, casual shoes for me (in the picture), two t-shirts for me and a pack of the new Evolve undies that Target sells. I felt spoiled because even though I needed the undies and the work shoes... I got me some pimpin shirts and sexy undies at that.

I really like the camo and generally... especially since I'm from the south... camo is a complete turn off. The unkempt ugly nasty dirty country boys around here love the camo, but these new undies remind me of bi barracks or some other military themed gay porn. It's inspirational in the sense that most military boys are fit and have those hot firm bodies, so I hope to feel like a million bucks in them. I have a shirt to go with the undies that isn't camo... and I'll show you what I'm talking about once I get all my clothes washed.

I got some chocolates for my birthday since I didn't want anymore cake. When Bex left for her trip I was left in the apartment with a whole cake... a... whole...cake. It was untouched and i felt guilty not eating it, but eating it made me feel good as much as it did bad. I ended up eating half of it and then i felt like the rest was just too much. Back to the chocolates... Bex and I finished the night off (after sex) with chocolates and watching the movie 'Love and other drugs' which I really liked. I had an insanely awesome time just being spoiled and doing the normal things that couples do. It was nice for a change to just, be.

Serious face! But happy!
This morning Bex and I had a serious conversation about what I've been wanting to say to her. In a nutshell... that I don't want either of us to be empty... and that I want a future with her but what's going on right now isn't working out. It was hard for her to hear, obvious by her crying but eventually we came to the conclusion that we'd both be ok. We both agreed of the importance of couples therapy to help us move forward and not keep things from each other. It's obvious to me that she's depressed, just as much as I'm depressed and I don't want our marriage to be as such. We're closer now more than ever because I finally am getting through to her... that this is who I am.

Enough with the serious talk. Today I'm going to have the most fun that I can. Bex and I have another little date planned. We might cook some Mexican food and have coronas... or we might cook some brats make hot dogs and have some fruity drinks together. If I'm lucky we can bump nasties again, and again... enjoy my life for a moment and relish in it. I'm going to go but before I do I wanted to tell the people who I've not written back... that I think of them and that I will get back to them. I will make time for you in the future, but for now... I is getting my groove on! :D

I hope that you guys have a great weekend, what's left of it anyways and I'll catch you sometime soon!


  1. Glad to hear you had a good birthday. What is the objective of therapy. Do you think it will be get rid of the feelings you have for men?

  2. Happy Birthday Bobby! Glad you had a grat day!

  3. Bobby: "But I got it off" has a double meaning in this post, LOL! I'm glad you had a good time yesterday, and yet you still were determined to make a serious statement about the state of your marriage. Good for you to try to steer things into something better rather than let the resentment linger into bitterness. Altho it's difficult to be forthright, especially when you know the topic is going to be upsetting, it's better to address things head on and act for real improvement rather than just hope for things to get better on their own. Take charge and make it work, ala Tim Gunn.

  4. @mindofmine: nah i'll never be able to shake those feelings, ever. I'm managing my feelings with flirting and porn but our relationship is still on the rocks because it's not enough. Therapy for us will hopefully shed some light on what we should do.

  5. Thanks guys and @FoC lol I love that you said that!

  6. So glad you had an awesome bday weekend! Putting the real people in your life before online friends and especially porn, is always the best choice- although it is sometimes easier said than done.


  7. Someone finally posted a pic of his own face! :P Slut. I am glad you had a great birthday!

  8. @Mr. Aussie aka Aaron, yeah I'm totally a little slut, you should know this ;) we need to chat more!