12 May 2011


Just yesterday I was driving around in my apartment complex blasting something by the black eye peas and loving the high I got from going to therapy. Actually I always get high while driving around the downtown area and listening to pop/dance or whatever is on the radio, it just puts me in a good mood. It was one of these good mood dancing in my seat moments when I drove by some 19 or so guy who was walking towards the gym... my gym. (God, I hope he was 19 and of legal age) He had a cut off sleeve shirt that was too big and gym shorts, a nice tan and shoes that said "I'm young and I don't give a fuck." I was happy because I had hope that my marriage would be ok, then I looked at him and next stop was Lustville... population: me.

Then I hit the sign for the apartment complex. No, I lied... I parked in my usual spot and sat there for a moment thinking about how I go from that one moment of hope to another of "I should give him a ride." Hay hay haay. Thought I should throw that one in. Seeing that guy got me thinking about baseball... I guess something about the way he was dressed or something, my mind is like playing connect the dots on the braille version of this blog. (Egh...was that a blind joke? I'm terrible.) Ok... let me see if I can't get myself to focus on what I'm trying to say.

Baseball. I have become enamored with the sport. I'm not a big fan of sports primarily because I didn't grow up with sports in my life. As a growing adult though, I've been to a few baseball games and a couple of softball games and there is nothing sexier in the sports world (to me) then a baseball player that is young, smooth and is a very good pitcher. Having Sports Center on at work is no help either, but the actual game has grown on me. Maybe I like baseball way too much for reasons not related to the game, but that's beside the point. Seeing this hot to trot young guy got me started thinking about joining the company softball team. I thought about how good playing sports is, how nice I would look in the uniform, that I would have guy friends to chill with and that I can build confidence while doing something fun and physical. There are too many positives to name about joining the company softball team as well as participating in sports.

Luckily for me I remembered one thing that would keep me from signing up right away... I'm afraid of the ball! To be fair, elementary school was the last real time that I played sports. I was scared of the ball then, during intermurals in middle school and gym in high school... I was never much of a player. Sports were not my forte. No unfortunately I think that I'm more in love with the thought of jock straps, baseball hunks and men excited over balls and running bases.

Today (Yesterday for everyone reading this) I spent the entire day being moody because I hadn't slept my average 6 hours. I'm lucky to rest for 4 out of the 6 but I've not gotten rest in a while. I took a nap in the afternoon in order to assist my night at work. I felt like crap after I awoke from said nap, but I woke up feeling electricity in the air. I was thinking about my latest story, one that I started to write while Bex was away... all of a sudden I felt energized and full of enthusiasm and very very eager to write. I took my pre-work shower and sped to work. I think it was my night tonight because I was sent home and this is why I'm able to write this blog post.

I've realized that writing is my favorite thing to do and the thing that brings me the most pride. I torture myself in perfecting, rewriting, editing, creating and designing my creative stories. I plan on fully committing to this story and when I finish it I want to take my best stab at getting it published or self publish. As I tweeted and told Mr.V I plan on unleashing the lust monster on pen and paper and seeing what happens. For now, I'm focusing all of my enthusiasm, lust, longing, energy and creativity on getting my story down... because what I have brewing is nothing short of smutty and magnificent. I don't want to oversell it but... if there's one thing that I know how to do well... it's Lust. (At least let me think that.) I'm excited.

I've been really horny for my wife lately and it's coming out of nowhere. I think that it happens every once in a while, I'm sure it's not the first time I've talked about just wanting to jump her bones. I've been really sweet on her lately, hopefully it'll be a growing trend and I can slowly fall back in love with her. I got so jazzed today that I wanted to ravage her before going to work and then wanted to have her when I got off. Unfortunately neither of those happened, she was too tired and wanted food. I obliged and no longer felt like jumping in the sack with her... not after hot dogs and sauerkraut... eww. I like having sex on an empty stomach and feeling energetic, fresh and very very not full of food. Tomorrow is a new opportunity and hopefully I'll awake the horn dog that I am falling asleep.

I must bid you adieu for the moment, I look forward to blogging again at some point. At the moment, I'm going to write back some admirers, friends and fuck buddies. Well... not that last part. Yet. :)

bi! Bobby


  1. Bobby: You are one funny guy!

  2. You can go on ten different directions at any one time sometimes!