20 May 2011

The end!?

Hi! This is a weird post because I'm deliriously tired (from work) and I have to be back at work in less than 8 hours. I don't subscribe to the belief that the world will end in my time or that anyone for that matter will know when it ends, whether it was last year, this Saturday or some time in 2012. Off the bat when I heard that some nut job was guaranteeing that the world would end this Saturday... I rolled my eyes like there was no tomorrow. Then I started toying with the idea of, what if there's no tomorrow? If the sky opens up and I've got a few hours to go, how will I reflect on my life?

Like I said, I take this whole Saturday thing to a grain of salt, but... it was fun and depressing to think about it. I made a list of things that I thought about that I should probably work on when Sunday rolls around.

Things I wish I would have done.

  • Danced more even by myself
  • Forgiven my mom for all the good intentions that went horribly wrong
  • Perfected one thing, done one thing perfectly ie Black Swan status (Oh shit... I should have written Spoiler Alert!)
  • Had come out as gay to myself and then had time to discover whether it was true or if I truly am bi.
  • Kissed a boy (Like a real kiss)
  • Achieved a friendship with my little brothers
  • Gone to a beach in France (or to a regular beautiful beach)
  • Given Bex everything her heart desired
  • Volunteered and done more acts of selflessness
  • Quit my job and just did what I love for a living... writing.
  • Held more hands, given more hugs and once or twice blown someone
  • Watched more sunrises and sunsets
  • Made Bex laugh more

I think I could go on and on... this whole little wakeup call just reminds me that time is precious and that I take too much for granted. Unfortunately I can't really start doing any of these things because I pretty much have to sleep and wake up and go to work. If the end of days comes and I'm at work... I'm gonna be pissed! :) (It's an ongoing joke because the first time that someone said something about the world ending, my initial thought was... what time?!)

So I'll ttyl guys and gals, until then... stay busy... I know I will! :) Have a great weekend!

PS... this kind of goes with the post but I just wanted to post it because I danced in my seat on the drive home this morning... I was... in love!!! with the song.

P.P.S... I don't believe in religion... or rapture or anything of the sorts... just entertaining the thought of it. (Just wanted to throw that out there because any religious comments will be deleted ;) My blog is naughty... let's keep it that way.)


  1. Things I wish I had done:
    - Had a threesome with a girl
    - Danced without my shirt more often
    - Streaked at a cricket game
    - Made a Porno
    - Tattooed my entire back
    - Dragged my brothers to a gay club
    - Gone to an airport and chosen any destination
    - Spit Roasting...

  2. Bobby: If the world is still here come May 22, please come to Hawaii, we have beautiful beaches, spectacular sunsets, I'll hold your hand, give you a hug, and lots of smooches. We'll even have fruity drinks with little umbrellas. And you can tell me about you family and share with me your stories.

  3. - Written/drawn an entire comic book epic
    - Bought my wife that Camaro
    - Bought myself that Charger
    - Taken my wife on an actual honeymoon
    - Made a porno (because, yeah, that's a good one)
    - Gone to Italy
    - Gone to Bali
    - Told my boss to fuck off!
    - Built my Doctor Doom armor and taken over the world
    - Had sex with Bobby ;)

  4. If life ends today, these are the things I should have done.
    Loved more...
    Touched more...
    Trusted more...
    Took more chances...
    Found myself...
    Rode a train across the country...
    Been a better friend...
    and about a million other things