18 May 2011

You look...amazing

Hi Boys ;-) and girl. I'm in a rather horny mood tonight. Horny isn't the right word, flirty is better. I'm feeling flirty. I got sent home from work after being there for half an hour, once again in too good of a mood so I drove straight home with a fat smile on my face. I'm on a rebound from the last week of being kind of down.

I got really depressed because my Anniversary had come around. The last couple of anniversaries were wonderful, this year though I couldn't shake the feeling of sadness. I tried my hardest to feel romantic and loving but in the back of my mind I couldn't help but wonder if this was going to be our last. I get the same feeling when I think about couples therapy, to me it feels like the beginning of the end. It's my negative attitude that made last week a bad week.

*Shake it off*

So far this week has been a good one. I picked myself up and apologized to Bex for being such a shit. I've also started to take care of myself again. By that, I mean I started grooming, whitening my teeth, flossing, lifting weights and going to the gym (stuff that falls by the weigh side when I get down.) Who the fuck wants to floss when they feel like crying? Not me.

While watching sports center the other day I got all hot and bothered because they were recapping some baseball highlights. That got me thinking about how Brandon Lewis loves baseball, plays in a recreational league and frequents games which he tweets about. YES... this is another obsessive rant about Brandon Lewis. I think I'd lose my shit to see a hunk like him at a baseball game! I'd probably jump him, or if a fly ball came our way, my mitt... well I'm just going just stop myself there. Gah! I'm hopeless. If you read my tweets you'll see that I don't stalk him or obsess about him, although it seems that I always have BL on the brain.

This summer is gearing up to be a great one. One thing that is up in the air currently is my visit to see Mr. V sometime this summer. We've been texting back and forth but it looks like something that might happen. He moved to the Orlando area and I've never been there so seeing him and vacationing alone should be fun! I'm also planning to go to some outdoor festivals this summer and if possible spending every moment out in the sun. Yes! SUN! I need some badly.

My wife is taking a shower and spraying something candy and flower like all over herself. I can smell it from the living room and it smells awesome! I'm going to finish typing this up and go obsess over her, hopefully I can get laid! I'm on an upswing and I need to take advantage of the good times while they are still here.

I know I know... I'm on the ascent and the roller coaster is reaching it's peak. Whatever... I'm going to be happy for now. Ttyl peeps, I promise a blog with more substance later :-D


  1. Bobby: Weeeeee! Ride that coaster down and catch the upward momentum.

  2. Holy cow...I can't believe I forgot about your blog :-( I've been sucking at hitting my fave blogs, but I've put your link somewhere I won't forget now, and promise to drop by often. Glad to see the coaster is going up!


    I receovered all my "Dude's Sex Life" posts before blogger deleted the blog inexplicably. I'm slowly putting them into tumblr.